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    • Sleep physiology predicts memory retention after reactivation

      Macdonald, Kevin J.; Cote, Kimberly A. (Wiley, 2016)
      Both sleep and future relevance influence memory consolidation; however, limited research has investigated their role in memory reconsolidation. We manipulated the future relevance of both stable and labile memories in need of reconsolidation. Two groups learned two blocks of syllable pairs on one evening and were told they would be tested on one of the blocks later. On the second evening, one group (Labile) received reminders designed to return their memories of syllable pairs to a labile state, while a second group (Stable) received reminders designed to leave these memories in a stable state. No significant differences in memory retention were found between blocks or groups the following morning. Frontal delta (0.5–4 Hz) electroencephalographic power during Stage 2 sleep correlated positively with retention of future-relevant material exclusively in the Labile group. Central theta (4–8 Hz) electroencephalographic power during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep correlated positively with the extent to which the Labile group selectively retained future-relevant material. These relationships suggest that sleep-dependent processes are involved in an economical reprocessing of memories beyond the initial stages of consolidation.
    • Event-Related Neural Response to Emotional Picture Stimuli Following Sleep Deprivation

      Cote, Kimberly; Jancsar, Cara; Hunt, Bryce (American Psychological Association, 2015)
      The impact of sleep deprivation on various stages of information processing was investigated during a valance categorization picture task using temporally sensitive event-related potentials (ERPs). Young, healthy, good sleepers were randomly assigned to a total sleep deprivation (n = 22) or sleep control group (n = 23). Picture stimuli were presented at random for 1000 ms and rated as very-positive, slightly positive, slightly negative, or very-negative. ERP measures included a parietal-occipital positive peak (P1) reflecting early sensory processing and “reactivity,” and a central-parietal Late Positive Potential (LPP) peak indexing sustained attention toward stimuli. There was a significant Group-by-Valance interaction for LPP amplitude; sleep-deprived participants had a larger LPP than controls to positive and negative, but not neutral pictures. Both groups had larger LPPs to positive and negative pictures relative to neutral pictures, but only the sleep-deprived group had a larger LPP to negative compared with positive stimuli. Sleep-deprived individuals with a lower reappraisal strategy in emotion regulation style produced a relatively larger LPP response to negative pictures. In conclusion, sleep deprivation did not influence early sensory processing or attention capture but led to greater sustained allocation of attention toward emotional pictures, particularly negative stimuli. Enhanced attention toward emotional stimuli may result in failure to attend to other relevant information and poor decision making, and may be especially problematic for individuals with lower emotion reappraisal strategies.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 29, April 6, 1971

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC) (1971-04-06)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 29 includes: a press’ progress: Farewell to 1970-71 with highlights including running the FLQ Manifesto a week before it was illegal to print it, gaining co-editor Peter Sharpe, frequent “all-out-attempts attack[s] on Brock taking itself too seriously,” and an increasing amount of satire as the year progressed.
    • The Press, Comic Edition, Volume 7, Issue 27, April 8, 1971

      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 27 is a comic edition featuring all comic illustrations including one featuring Dr. James A. Gibson.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 26, March 18, 1971

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Dorst, Henry (Writer) (1971-03-18)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 26 includes: It CAN’T Happen Here (or we all quit): Following leftwing political views by St. Mary’s University’s student newspaper, The Journal, the Student Council is trying to suspend the charter of the newspaper and take editorial control; Sir George WHO?: The trial for the Black Montreal students arrested during the 1969 computer centre fire at Sir George Williams University is set for April 15 after accusations of delayed trials, racism, and beatings within the university; Graduate students face tuition increases and severe slashes to funding after a press conference held by the new Minister of University Affairs, John White.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 25, March 11, 1971

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Dorst, Henry (Writer); Blackwood, John (Writer) (1971-03-11)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 25 includes: How to Collect Welfare — You’ll Likely Need it Next Summer: H. Dorst explains that, in the midst of mass unemployment, many students are going to need welfare; Brock hosts an all-day symposium on Canadian-American relations titled: “Canada-Under New Management?”; Maurice Yacowar will introduce and comment upon the upcoming Festival of Cosmic Cinema, featuring films by young artists “seeking alternatives to the traditional Hollywood approach.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 24, March 4, 1971

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Stanwick, Blake (Writer); McCaffrey, Geoff (Writer); Cisar, John (Writer); Nash, Michael (Writer) (1971-03-04)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 24 includes: A feature about “the insanity of Vietnam.”; Conversations continue in the Senate about integrating the St. Catharines Teacher’s College with Brock, student involvement in the Board of Governors, Progress Exams, and more; Immunizations for tetanus, polio and mumps are available for students on campus; Construction for the new Physical Education Centre at Brock is scheduled to begin in September; site plan and details included; Brock fencing team wins the OIAA Championship.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Special Issue, February 26, 1971

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Katz, Sidney (Writer); Kidd, Paul (Writer); Goode, Erich (Writer); Linder, Lee (Writer) (1971-02-26)
      The Press, Volume 7, Special Issue includes: Mrs. W. Mallory from Barrie, Ontario plans to petition in St. Catharines to show the people who do not want marijuana to be legalized; Stupidity in the Drug Laws: Canada’s current policy on marijuana is a “massive display of stupidity.”; Get a Fix on Reality: We must help drug users to help the greater society, and understand why young people are turning to hard drugs; Eriche Goode, Associate Professor of Sociology at the SUNY, explains that marijuana is a recreational drug, and does not lead to heroin use or psychological dependence in most cases; Timothy Leary writes a letter advocating drugs and condemning the system.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 21, February 10, 1971

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Kocsis, Peter (Writer) (1971-02-10)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 21 includes: Editorial explains that the Board of Governors wants the best for Brock, but need to see that that means what's best for the students; Occupation on the 13th floor of students calling for more equal representation and transparency from the Board of Governors; The Press says students and faculty should threaten to go on strike unless negotiations with the Board of Governors and subsequent action is promised.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 23, February 19, 1971

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Gray, John (Writer); Kocsis, Peter (Writer); Harrigan, Dave (Writer); Hickman, Jim (Writer) (1971-02-19)
      The Press Volume 7, Issue 23 includes: Press responds to a statement by the Chairman of the Board of Governors, concluding that it is "a complete misrepresentation of the facts"; Cloudy Issue: Many Brock students are confused about the state of affairs with the Board of Governors, a result of "hard politics" and "games of strategy" which students are not as skilled at; Jim Hickman compares the Progressive Conservative Convention to a pop festival; Satirical article series detailing plans for an underground parking lot and "the world's first underground, drive-in football stadium," though Brock still has no football team; A referendum will be held at UWO later in the month to decide if students should sit on committees which hire promote and tenure faculty.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 22, February 11, 1971

      Rubinksy, Yuri (EIC); Ellis, Brian (Writer); Nash, Michael (Writer); Illich, Ivan (Writer) (1971-02-11)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 22 includes: Conditions Worsen at Library: Brian Ellis and Michael Nash discuss how with increased class sizes, the library is running out of space and resources for students; The False Ideology of Schooling: Ivan Illich, director of the Centre for International Documentation in Cuernavaca, Mexico, discusses schooling in Latin America; University of Alberta students gain parity with faculty on the major decision-making body of the university.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 20, February 8, 1971

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Kocsis, Peter (Writer) (1971-02-08)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 20 includes: Peter Kocsis explains how the amended Board structure, with only three out of thirty members students, does not give students a voice and meetings are planned to come up with a plan of action; The Mind Boggles: The Board of Governors controls policy making in the university, and their current proposal would deny students any real power on the Board. Instead, the faculty, students and members of the community should each have one-third representation; Toward Equality: The Board of Governors put efficiency before education which will only turn Brock into an assembly line. Education must be a collective effort involving the students.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 19, February 5, 1971

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Reynolds, Frank (Writer); MacDonald, A. David (Writer) (1971-02-05)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 19 includes: Frank Reynolds highlights issues in the new BUSA regarding obscene business maneuvers like making employees responsible for cash shortages while delaying the purchase of a decent cash register, individuality among union members, and a general lack of responsibility; Radio Brock returns to the airwaves after a brief hiatus for equipment installation; A. David MacDonald describes the injustice of 40 Canadians detained under the Public Order act, still in effect, for "illegal acts" connected to the FLQ.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 18, January 28, 1971

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Reisler, Susan (Writer); Johns, Ted (Writer); Nash, Michael (Writer) (1971-01-28)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 18 includes: President Gibson vehemently opposes a report from the CPUO which outlines graduate funding cuts and more and says he will fight to ensure they never get off the ground; Students are neither children nor barbarians: Detailing why students should receive parity with faculty in decision-making bodies at universities, reprinted from the Varsity at the University of Toronto; at Brock, a referendum is held with would remove students from university committees; Conference concerning the problems of teaching Canadian literature and "culture" at all school levels held in the Poesis Lounge at Brock; a student representative from Brock Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO) will be providing information and service to anyone interested.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 17, January 21, 1971

      Rubinksy, Yuri (EIC); Hunter, Tom (Writer); Willick, Liz (Writer); Andrews, Vian (Writer); Kocsis, Peter (Writer) (1971-01-21)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 17 includes: If I could turn you on: Liz Willick, a self-proclaimed "late bloomer for the radical student movement" discusses women's oppression, calling for unity; The poople's Commissariat highlights the filth accumulating on Brock's campus, calls for an enormous hog to be acquired as a mascot and for people to put their garbage in the respective bins; Vian Andrews proposes the construction of a community centre at Brock instead of a campus centre; Peter Kocsis argues that the school's money should not be spent on a community centre at this moment, as a campus centre is more prevalent for the needs of students; Letter to The Editor from William G. Davis, Ontario Minister of Education, introducing a copy of his remarks to the Ontario Legislature and other background material.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 16, January 13, 1971

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Andrews, Vian (Writer); Carkner, Arthur (Writer) (2024-07-10)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 16 includes: Winter Carnival: Phase III of Project '70 brings about the annual Winter Carnival, a presentation by Richard Needham, a Variety Show, film screenings and theatre shows, War Games, and numerous musical presentations, notably Perth Country Conspiracy and Syrinx; The Art of Trucking: Satirical feature exploring trucking from both a philosophical and psychological perspective; Sour Grapes II: Frank Reynolds is voted in as Business Manager of BUSAC on a vote of two to one after two Executives abstain and one walks out.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 15, December 17, 1970

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Andrews, Vian (Writer) (1970-12-17)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 15 includes: Sour Grapes: Vian Andrews complains about the student government at Brock, and provides definitions of frequently-used words and phrases of student government.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 14, December 10, 1970

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Scott, Tom (Writer); Kennedy, Irwin (Writer); Neiman, Steve (Writer) (1970-12-10)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 14 includes: Lack of Quorum denies the third BUSU meeting under the new constitution to be called to order; Breathe...: Explaining the pollution that cars produce and how vehicle owners can reduce their pollution emissions.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 13B, December 4, 1970

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Kocsis, Peter (Writer); Mussen, Jermaine (Writer); Joreen (Writer) (1970-12-04)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 13B includes: Peter Kocsis is elected as BUSAC Chairman; Reading About Women: Joreen discusses the role of women in the labour market and their disproportionate treatment; condensed by Jermaine Mussen.
    • The Press, Volume 7, Issue 13A, December 1, 1970

      Rubinsky, Yuri (EIC); Kocsis, Peter (Writer); Lowden, Ian (Writer); Andrews, Vian (Writer); Gillen, Randy (Writer); Reynolds, Frank (Writer) (1970-12-01)
      The Press, Volume 7, Issue 13A includes: Apathy is Not a Sickness: Apathy is the silent killer, a sickness that caused the death of BUSA: apathy should not be seen as the cause of negative response from the student body, and the next chairman needs to understand the role of student government; Day Care Co-Op: A petition for the establishment of a day-care centre at Brock, using the already designed space currently in use as a ping pong room, will be submitted to President Gibson; Candidates' Platforms: Chairman election platforms of Peter Kocsis, Ian Lowden, and Vian Andrews; Frank Reynolds and Randy Gillen express their support for Peter Kocsis as Chairman of BUSAC.