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dc.contributor.authorAdams, Anne
dc.descriptionThe North American Cyanamid Company was established in Niagara Falls, Ontario in 1907. In 1909, the company had less than 150 employees. The initial investment was $300,000. In 1952 there were 2,700 employees and the replacement value was $75,000,000. From 1909 to 1940, the company produced fertilizer. British blockade in the first world war cut off the European supply of crude sodium cyanide, used in refining gold ore. The company developed Aero brand cyanide for the U.S. and Canadian mining industry. During World War II a large proportion of the calcium cyanamide produced at the Niagara plant was utilized at the Welland plant as raw material for picrate production. Since World War II, the uses for Cyanamid products were greatly expanded. The Niagara plant made plastics including tableware. The plant was also involved with the manufacture of furnishings, clothing, electric insulation and many of the new drugs. To supply chemicals for the nation’s defence program the company installed No.5 furnace which played a large role in the defence program for Canada and the United Nations. Calcium cyanamide is the intermediate chemical required for molding compound, resins and adhesives essential to the plastics industry, especially the manufacture of aircraft and other military supplies and equipment. Cyanamid played a part in the refinement of mineral products, the pulping process, finishes for automobiles, appliances, adhesives, and crease resistance for the textile industry. The company operated a large swimming pool and park area in Niagara Falls for the benefit of the general public as well as employees and their families. The pool closed its doors on Labour Day in 1971. Cyanamid built a recreation centre for employees which even featured a bowling alley. A medical centre was also on site. The Welland plant built the largest geodesic dome in Canada as part of their environmental control program to enclose their four million gallon storage pond. The pond was part of their innovative nitrogen containment system. Drums containing industrial waste were unearthed on Niagara Cyanamid land in 1984. Cyanamid was fined for improper disposal of toxic waste. The Niagara Falls Cyanamid plant closed in 1992. A chemical division of Cyanamid formed its own company, Cytec. They made water treatment chemicals, mining chemicals and coating chemicalsen_US
dc.description.abstract30 cm, (3/4 box) containing correspondence, clippings, publications and 2 b&w photos pertaining to North American Cyanamiden_US
dc.subjectNorth American Cyanamid -- Calcium Cyanamide -- Niagara Falls -- Welland -- chemical plants -- furnishings -- clothing -- electric insulation -- drugs.en_US
dc.titleNorth American Cyanamid Fonds, 1946-1985 (non-inclusive)en_US

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