• Port Dalhousie: Second Welland Canal Period. 1845

      St. Johns Outdoor Studies Centre, Niagara South Board of Education (Niagara South Board of Education, 1845)
      Map showing the Village of Port Dalhousie and the 2nd Welland Canal at Lake Ontario with piers, harbours, drydocks and towpath.
    • Regional Municipality of Niagara. 1969

      Regional Municipality of Niagara (Regional Municipality of Niagara, 1969)
      Map showing King's highway and interchange, regional roads, other roads, roads legally open but not necessarily passable, railways and stations, municipal boundaries.
    • Sketch of the Welland Canal, U.C.

      Unknown, Author (unknown, 1833)
      Map showing the First Welland Canal with proposed side cuts, township boundaries, towns, forts, creeks and rivers.
    • Souvenir historical map of the Town of Niagara, Co. Lincoln, Ontario

      Johnson, B. Frank (Duncan Lithographing, 1894)
      Map showing location of historical events, descriptive notes, streets, lot numbers, boundaries, transportation features, some land owners names.
    • The Military Reserve at Fort Erie 1819

      A. Walpole; Henry Vavasour (1819)
      Historic map showing military Fort Erie, and surrounding area. North is oriented to the right and the Niagara River is located at east. Boundary of Military Reserve at Fort Erie lines are shown west of the Niagara River. “American Lines” are shown beginning at the fort, extending south to Snake Hill. Land south of the fort is divided into sections with buildings shown but not labelled. More military lines are shown further north. Forested areas and vegetation are shown and relief is shown with hachures. Map is signed: “Niagara April 19th 1819 A Walpole …”