• Map of the Town of Merritton. 1900?

      Marten, Harold (Harold Marten, 1900)
      Map showing streets, boundaries, railroads, the 2nd Welland Canal with its locks, weirs and ponds.
    • Map of the town of St. Catharines, Canada West

      Marcus Smith, 1815-1904. ([S.l.] : Marcus Smith,, 1852)
      Historical map of the Town of St. Catharines, Canada West, 1852. Below the title is a paragraph describing St. Catharines, the importance of the Welland Canal, historical facts about its engineering and the vessels that passed through it at that time. The section of St. Catharines shown on the map includes St. Thomas’ Ward and St. Georges Ward. The first and second Welland Canals as well as locks 3-6 are shown. 12 Mile Creek and Dicks Creek are visible, both of which connect to the Welland Canal. Streets are labelled and lots are labelled with the name of the land owner. Some lots have visible lot numbers as well as buildings. Of importance are sections of land labelled as being owned by some of the prominent founding citizens of St. Catharines, including: Honourable William H. Merritt, Lewis Shikaluna [sic], Thomas R. Merritt, James R. Benson, Calvin Phelps, Elias S. Adams, Jacob Hainer, and J. P. Merritt. Lots and concessions are labelled without land owners indicated on the parcels of land surrounding the more populated section of St. Catharines. Road allowances are labelled at the north, south and west sides of the town. The Great Western Railway is shown at the south-west corner. A compass rose at the right side of the map indicates north. Text at the bottom left of the map indicates that it was lithographed at: “A. Kollner’s Lithc. Establt. Phila.” Relief is shown by hachures and landform drawings.
    • Map of the Township of Grantham, 1897

      Compiled by C. E. Ingersoll (1897)
      Historical map showing lot and concession numbers, landowner names, political subdivision numbers, the 'old welland canal' (First and Second Welland Canals) and the "new canal' (Third Welland Canal).Compiled by C.E. Ingersoll, C.E.Relief shown by hachures.Digital reproduction of map #1984.94.272 in the St.Catharines Museum, Georeferenced and modified by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
    • Map of Welland City, the property of the Welland Canal Loan Company

      J. Ellis (Toronto : J. Ellis, 1855)
      Historic map of Welland City, present day Merritton, Ontario, a community within the City of St. Catharines. Text describing the map reads as follows: “This Plot contains about 400 acres of land on the Welland Canal, at the Mountain descent, between Lakes Erie and Ontario, a Plan of which is exhibited in the Office of the Proprietors.” Text goes on to describe the types of industries and business that could be erected in that area and make use of the Welland Canal and power generated by Niagara Falls. The second Welland Canal is shown from locks 11-21. The map details plots of land separated into lots and concessions and labelled by number, as well as road and transportation routes including road allowances and the Great Western Railway. There is also an inset map of the Niagara District between Lakes Ontario and Erie.
    • Merritton - Thorold Section. First and Second Welland Canals. 1829-1845

      St. Johns Outdoor Studies Centre, Niagara South Board of Education (Niagara South Board of Education, 1829-1845)
      Map showing the 1st and 2nd Welland Canals at Merritton with street names, locks and canal features.
    • Montebello Park, St. Catharines, Ont.

      Frederick Law Olmsted (1887)
      Historic map showing Frederick Law Olmsted’s design for Montebello Park in St. Catharines, the first public park in the city’s downtown. The park is bordered by Ontario Street, Lake Street, Queen Street and Midland Street. A pavilion is shown near the centre of the park with pathways leading to it from each street. A baseball diamond is shown at the north corner of the park and tennis courts at the south corner. Trees line the streets and pathways. Handwritten dates and notations are visible.
    • The new Master map, City of St. Catharines: Including Town of Thorold and Thorold Township

      Master Advertising Co. (Master Advertising Co., 1968)
      Map showing streets, cultural, tourist and hydrological features and a legend. Includes streets, points of interest and miscellaneous information plus indexes.
    • Niagara. 1937

      Canada. Dept of National Defence (1937)
      Scale 1:25,000 "No. 507"--bottom left margin. Relief shown by contours. Digital reproduction of map (63 x 79 cm.) in the Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library collection. Relief shown by contours. Georeferenced and modified from Brock call # G 3464 S35 1937 C35 by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
    • Plan of a part of the line of the Welland Canal Shewing the intended deviaton [sic] Between St. Catherines and Thorold

      George Phillpotts (1840?)
      Historic map showing the First Welland Canal from the 22nd to 4th locks, with proposed deviations for the Second Welland Canal. North is oriented to the bottom right corner. A description written below the title reads: “N.B. The Red lines dew the deviation proposed by MefsTs Baird of Killaly for schooner Navigation. The Yellow lines shew the deviation proposed by Lt. Colonel Phillpotts if the Canal be enlarged for the Navigation of Steam Boats.” The map includes location of locks, raceways, reservoirs, as well as mills that operated along the canal. Each lock is labelled with the rise measured in feet. Some areas of land along the proposed routes are labelled with the owner’s name, including prominent St. Catharines citizens such as: Oliver Phelps, Parnell, Secord, Grafs, Wilson, and Ball. Some roadways are shown but not labelled. Relief shown by shading.
    • Plan of Lock 5 old Welland Canal. [St. Catharines]

      Canada. Dept. of Railways and Canals (1899)
      Historical map of the lock 5 of the Welland Canal showing measurements and 'cable' location. Stamped on map: Dept. of Railways & Canals Aug. 10, 1899, No. 174734. Scale: 10 ft to 1 in. Map date: 1899. Digital reproduction of map in the Public Archives of Canada. National Map Collection. Library & Archives Canada. Georeferenced and modified from LAC e011168605 by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
    • Plan of part of the City of St. Catharines

      Rutherford and Ure Engineers and Surveyors (1936)
      Historical map showing city planning, land use, streets, lot and concession numbers.This plan is prepared under instructions no. 791 received from the Surveyor General of the Province of Ontario dated the 28th day of December 1934. Dated at St. Catharines this 31st day of March 1936.Scale [1:2,400]Map date: 1936Digital reproduction of map (135 x 81 cm.) in the Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library collection. Georeferenced and modified from Brock call# G 3464 S35 1936 R87 by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
    • Plan of Port Dalhousie showing the present harbour & proposed improvements

      Lewis J. Lewis (1845?)
      Historical map of Port Dalhousie showing harbour features (including proposed new harbour with measurements), major roads, select buildings, some lot owner's names, locks of First Welland Canal.Digital reproduction of map ( 21 1/2 x 31 1/4 in.) in the Public Archives of Canada. National Map Collection. Library and Archives Canada.Relief shown by hachures.Georeferenced and modified from NMC Map number 16937 by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
    • [Plan of the New Welland Canal, and boundary of canal property, Lot No. 16, 4th Con. Grantham]

      George Gibson (1883)
      Historical map showing the canal, Carleton and Geneva Streets, raceway, back ditch, proposed enbankment, lot numbers. Scale: 1 inch to 5 chains Map date: 1883. Title supplied by Public Archives of Canada. Digital reproduction of map (10 x 18 1/2 in.) in the Public Archives of Canada. National Map Collection. Library & Archives Canada. Georeferenced and modified from LAC e011168603 by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
    • Plan of the Niagara Frontier. 1937

      Putnam, A. E. (A. E. Putnam, 1937)
      Map showing the Canadian Niagara Power Company electric line and planning service areas.
    • Plan of the Town Merritton. 1958

      Servos, M. J. (M. J. Servos, 1958)
      Map showing streets, house lots, railroads, line of the second Welland Canal and its lock, weirs and ponds.
    • Plan of the Village of Port Dalhousie

      Ure, Douglas G. (Douglas G. Ure, 1948)
      Map showing street names, town boundaries, lot and concession numbers, section and harbour of the third Welland Canal, tow path, locks and location of Muir's Dry Dock.
    • [Plan of the Welland Canal through St. Catharines] Plan no. 0-108

      Historical map showing streets, lot numbers, concessions, township boundaries, railways, the locks and the location of factories along the Welland Canal. Scale 1:1,200"0-108" in margin. Map date: [1920?] 1920 date derived from 1921 airphotos and other historical maps. Digital reproduction of map in the Public Archives of Canada. National Map Collection. Library & Archives Canada. Georeferenced and modified from LAC e011168618 by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
    • [Plan of Welland Canal from St. Catharines to Town of Thorold]

      Historical map of the Second Welland Canal, showing streets, locks, lot numbers and owners' names, buildings, survey lines. Scale 1:2,376 Relief shown by hachures. Map date: 1882 Digital reproduction of map in the Public Archives of Canada. National Map Collection. Library & Archives Canada. Georeferenced and modified from LAC e011168619 by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
    • Regional Municipality of Niagara. 1969

      Regional Municipality of Niagara (Regional Municipality of Niagara, 1969)
      Map showing King's highway and interchange, regional roads, other roads, roads legally open but not necessarily passable, railways and stations, municipal boundaries.
    • Shore line of Lake Ontario at Port Dalhousie

      Thomas Monro (Thorold, Ont. : Thomas Monro, 1883)
      Historic map showing the Lake Ontario shore line at Port Dalhousie. North is oriented left towards the lake. Text below the title indicates the time frame that the shore line map is representative of: “as it was in 1844” and “as it is now (1883)”. Although this is a black and white version, the original had the 1844 shoreline indicated in blue and the 1883 line indicated in red. Lock 1 of the Second Welland Canal and the line of the First Welland Canal are shown. The Village of Port Dalhousie is labelled and Lock Street is shown beginning at the lake and running through Port Dalhousie to a tow path. Also shown on this map are various locations relevant to Welland Canal operations, including: Collector’s House, Sail Loft, Muir’s Dry Dock, Shore House, Collector’s Office, Weir, Wain and Andrews Dry Dock. A new harbor is located to the east of Port Dalhousie and a road to St. Catharines to the south. A note at the bottom of the map reads as follows: “Shore Line colored RED taken June 29th 1883. Level of Lake 14 feet on Mitre Sill of Old (2nd) Canal.” Signed: "Thorold, 2nd July 1883. Thomas Monro". "RG 43 vol. 804 Folder 85 #14848 (?)" written in top right margin and bottom right margin.