• Map of the City of St. Catharines

      Videki, Jos. (City of St. Catharines. Office of the City Engineer., 1956)
      Historical map showing city boundary, road, hydrological and transportation features.
    • Rough sketch of the roads from Cayuga to Chippewa

      Richard John Barou; F.A. Mackenzie Fraser (1838)
      Historic sketch / map showing the southern section of the Niagara Peninsula. The sketch includes towns, creeks and roads. The purpose of this map was to indicate which roads were passable during each seasons, particularly in seasons where roads may be muddy. Sleigh roads, wagon roads, horse roads and foot paths are also labelled. The First Welland Canal can be seen beginning in Allanberg and ending in the south at Lake Erie. Mills, bridges, canals and main points of interest are labelled.