• Plan of Fort Erie, Town & Military Reserve

      William Wallace, 1805-1887; Alex Gordon (1853)
      Historic plan showing Fort Erie where the Niagara River meets Lake Erie. North is oriented to the right. Military Reserve land is shown along with the ruins of the old military fort. An ordnance boundary line is indicated. The Brantford and Buffalo Railroad line is shown running from the west boundary line toward the Niagara River. A small portion of the town is divided into three lots numbered 1 to 3. Some buildings are shown along the shore of the river but only a mill and ferry wharf are identified. Relief is shown by hachures. The plan is signed by William Wallace, Engineer, and a notation below the scale reads: “Forwarded with my report of 1st February 1853. Alexr. Gordon Lt. Col. Royal Engineers.” Plan bears the stamp of the Office of Commanding Royal Engineers.