• Map of the proposed canal through the District of Niagara and Gore to form a junction of Lakes Erie and Ontario by the Grand River

      James G. (James Grant) Chewett, 1793-1862 (1823?)
      Historical map showing the Niagara Peninsula with proposed routes of the First Welland Canal. Routes go to Niagara River, Hamilton and various places along the Grand River. Some main roads, towns, rivers and creeks shown.Digital reproduction of map in the Public Archives of Canada. National Map Collection. Library and Archives Canada.Relief shown by shading.Georeferenced and modified from NMC Map number 19506 by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
    • Plan of a Ship Canal from the Niagara River to the Welland Canal

      Thomas Roy (1837?)
      Historical map showing a proposed line for a canal from the Town of Niagara at the mouth of the Niagara River, to intersect the First Welland Canal at Thorold. Text indicates that map was created to accompany a report by Thos. Roy, January 6th, 1837. Sections of land are labelled: “Louth”, “Grantham” and “Niagara.” The Welland Canal is shown travelling from Lake Ontario to Thorold. A small section of land to the east near the Niagara River shows lots that are not labelled. Relief is shown by hachures.