• Chart of Lake Ontario

      Edward M. Hodder; W. F. W. Owen, 1774-1857; Lieut. William Herbert Fitz; A. Ford; W. C. Chewett & Co. (Toronto, On. : W. C. Chewett & Co.,, 1863)
      Historic map showing hydrological features of Lake Ontario. North is oriented to the top of the page. Sub-title text reads as follows: “Compiled from Surveys made by Capt. Owen & Lieut. Herbert, R.N. and Capt. A. Ford, U.S.N. with the Harbours and Ports of the Lake Surveyed by Edward M. Hodder, Esqre M.D. Commodore of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.” Light houses are marked and a legend differentiates between lights that are white, red or revolving. Notations are made along the shore indicating geological materials of the water bed, such as: clay, stones, smooth rock, flat rock, and shoal. Islands, bays and points are also labelled. The Grand Trunk Railway runs along the north side of the lake and the Watertown and Rome Railway runs from north to south along the east side of the lake.