• Plan shewing the Situation & Dimensions proposed for building Lots for Merchants & Traders on the King’s reserved Land at Fort Erie in the Province of Upper Canada

      Gother Mann, 1747-1830; James Green; Robert Prescott (1798)
      Historic plan showing a portion of Fort Erie including King’s reserved land and military Fort Erie. North is oriented to the right and the Niagara River is shown at east, but not labelled. Military Fort Erie and a store house are shown on the bank of the Niagara River. South of the fort the land is divided into lots and are identified by number or by land owners name. The plan is signed by authors: “Gother Mann Col. Commd. Rl. Engr. Quebec 30th June 1798” and “By order of the Commander in Chief (Signed) James Green (?) Secry”. The plan was also signed by Robert Prescott which marks it as being approved. Relief is shown by shading.