• Plan of a portion of the Town of Niagara shewing the lots adjoining Mississaugua Reserve which have been built upon, also the Lots which have been granted but not built upon.

      F. H. Baddeley (Toronto : Royal Engineer Office, 1837)
      Historic plan showing the Town of Niagara (present day Niagara-on-the-Lake). North is oriented to the bottom at Lake Ontario. Further descriptive text is noted below the title. The town is divided into lots and labelled with lot numbers and landowners names. Streets and some buildings are also indicated. A boundary line surrounding the military fort at Missaugua (sic) Point is labelled: “Reserve laid down according to a Plan signed Robert Pilkington Lieut. Royal Engineers dated 1796.” East of the reserved land is a section of land that is labelled as “Not Granted”. Further east are military yards, command quarters and a guard room. Other notations are made on various sections of land. A ravine is shown at the south side of the town. Relief is shown by shading. Plan is signed: “Royal Engineer Office Toronto 11th Nov. 1837 (Sd) Geo: Houghton Clerk of works”. Below this signature is the notation: “(?) forwarded to the Com’g. Roy’l. Engineer U. C. with Cap. Baddeley’s letter 11th Nov. 1837.” The plan is also signed: “(Copy) Jno. Sloane, Clerk of works, Kingston, 17th Nov 1837" and "(Signed) F. H. Baddeley C. Royal Engineers. Capt & Major. Com'g. Roy'l Engrs, U.C. (Copy) Jno. Sloane, Clerk of works, Kingston, 17th Nov 1837." Plan bears the stamp of the Royal Engineers Office.