• Plan of the Reserve from the Chippewa to the Table Rock

      John Stegman; James G. (James Grant) Chewett, 1793-1862 (1797)
      Historical map showing land adjacent to the Niagara River from the Chippewa River to Niagara Falls, and Table Rock. Roads, multiple islands and shoals are also shown. On the land adjacent to where the Chippewa River meets the Niagara River is a section of property labelled “Military Land”. Various buildings and streets are shown as well as two larger buildings labelled “Garrison” and “Fairbankshouse”. A bridge is shown crossing the Chippewa River, connecting two roads, one of which runs parallel with the Niagara River to Niagara Falls and branching off into other roadways. At various points in the roadway are latitude and longitude coordinates. More buildings along the Niagara River are labelled such as: Canby’s Mills, Burches Mills and Wilson’s house. Niagara Falls is detailed with shading. Arrows have been drawn in the river indicating the direction of the flow of water towards Niagara Falls. Handwritten text below the title reads: “Surveyed by John Stegman Deputy Surveyor, 1797 Copy J.G. Chewett Surveyor General Office 17th May 1836.” Further notations and dates are written on the map.