• Map of the Niagara, Gore, and Wellington Districts (including also the Southern Front of the Home District,) Canada.

      C. Rankin; Hall & Mooney (Toronto, Ont., 1845)
      Historic map “compiled from the township plans in the Surveyor Genl’s office”, completed in June, 1845. The map shows a section of the region in Southern Ontario known today as the Golden Horseshoe, which sits to the west of Lake Ontario, stretching south to Lake Erie. Niagara, Gore and Wellington districts are shown. Town and city boundaries are mapped with survey grids. Lots and concessions are labelled with numbers. Hydrological features and roads are also shown. Relief is shown by shading. A note at the left side of the map describes the Welland Canal, principal roads, villages other than those marked on the map and explains irregularly divided parcels of land which have not numbered.