• A map of Port Colborne, the termination of the Welland Canal on Lake Erie

      H. H. Killaly (1837?)
      Historic map showing the location where the Welland Canal reaches Lake Erie in Port Colborne. North is oriented to the top. The map shows the Village of Port Colborne with some buildings which are not labelled. The Welland Canal is shown cutting through the town. Where the canal meets Lake Erie there are two buildings, one is labelled as being a mill. Two proposed piers are shown in red and are labelled as the Eastern and Western Piers. The eastern proposed pier would include a light house. Beaches are shown running along Lake Erie. A notation below the title reads: “Copied by permission from a plan drawn by H. H. Killaly A.M. C. Engr.” Relief is shown with shading.
    • Port Colborne, Township of Humberstone, County of Welland

      ; Page, H. R. (H.R. Page, 1876)
      A historical map of Port Colborne showing streets, lot and concession numbers, house lot numbers, some landowner names.