• Plan of lands selected to be set apart for the Niagara Falls Park

      Legislature of the Province of Ontario (Toronto : [Executive Council of Ontario], 1885)
      Historical map showing Niagara Falls, the Niagara River and the boundaries of the Niagara Falls Park. As indicated directly below the main title of the map, the park was “authorized by the Legislature of the Province of Ontario by an act entitled – The Niagara Falls Park Act being 48 vic. cap. 21.” Further handwritten information reads as follows: “We hereby certify that the tract of land selected by as for the Niagara Falls Park is that included between the red line laid down on this map and the international boundary line in the Niagara River”, signed by three commissioners whose names are indecipherable. “The selection shown by this plan is approved by the Lieutenant Governor in Council by order dated 14th day of December 1885 [signature] Clerk of the Executive Council of Ontario.”
    • Queen Victoria Niagara Falls Park

      Cable, Alexander & (Alexander & Cable, 1888)
      Historical map showing park buildings, roads, Niagara River, Horseshoe and American Falls, international boundary, suspension bridge, Michigan Centrail Railroad, train depot, New York State Reservation.