• Map of Welland City, the property of the Welland Canal Loan Company

      J. Ellis (Toronto : J. Ellis, 1855)
      Historic map of Welland City, present day Merritton, Ontario, a community within the City of St. Catharines. Text describing the map reads as follows: “This Plot contains about 400 acres of land on the Welland Canal, at the Mountain descent, between Lakes Erie and Ontario, a Plan of which is exhibited in the Office of the Proprietors.” Text goes on to describe the types of industries and business that could be erected in that area and make use of the Welland Canal and power generated by Niagara Falls. The second Welland Canal is shown from locks 11-21. The map details plots of land separated into lots and concessions and labelled by number, as well as road and transportation routes including road allowances and the Great Western Railway. There is also an inset map of the Niagara District between Lakes Ontario and Erie.