• County of Lincoln : County seat - St. Catharines

      Dept. of Highways, Ontario. (1964)
      Historical map showing boundaries, major roads, lot and concession numbers, railways and populated areas. Map date: Drawn 1963, Revised 1964 Digital reproduction of map (58 x 100 cm.) in the Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library collection. Georeferenced and modified from Brock call# G 3462 S68 Lincoln, by Map, Data and GIS Library, Brock University.
    • Map of the District of Niagara, Accompanied by Explanations of Water Communications

      Historic map showing the Niagara District with north oriented to the top at Lake Ontario. The map shows town boundaries, the route of the Second Welland Canal and other hydrological features. Of note is a proposed military road that is shown with a dotted line from Hamilton to Fort Erie. One spot on the map, Port Robinson where Chippawa Creek meets the Welland Canal, has been circled. Also, “Welland” has been hand written in the area of Crowland and Humberstone. Text at the right of the map provides “Explanations (Water Communications)” which provide further detail about they hydrological features and significant roads. Written in pencil on both sides: H3/407 1849.
    • Tremaine's map of the Counties of Lincoln and Welland, Canada West

      George R. Tremaine; G. M. Tremain (Toronto : Geo. R. & G.M. Tremaine, 1862)
      Historic map showing the boundaries of Lincoln and Welland Counties. The subtitle reads: “Compiled and Drawn from Actual Surveys by the Publishers.” North is oriented to the top at Lake Ontario and Lake Erie is shown at sourth. Townships shown include: Grimsby, Clinton, Louth, Grantham, Niagara, Caistor, Gainsboro, Pelham, Thorold, Stamford, Wainfleet, Crowland, Willoughby, Humberstone and Bertie. The towns are divided into lots and concessions. Lots are numbered or labelled with the name of the lot owner. Roads and railways are indicated as are waterways. The Welland Canal is also shown. Bordering the map are drawings of homes and buildings which are labelled with the owner’s name. There is also a list of subscribers for each town. A legend is available below the title.