• Map of a part of the Niagara River and Plan of the proposed Harbor at Black Rock

      William A. Bird, 1796-1878 ([Albany, N.Y.] : Balch, Rawdon & Co. [Engraver/Printer], 1829)
      Historic map showing the Niagara River between “Squaw Island” currently known as Grand Island, and Lake Erie. North is oriented to the right. On the Canadian side of Lake Erie, south-west of the Niagara River is Fort Erie and Towsons Battery. On the opposite, south-east side is Buffalo Creek and a canal. In the mouth of the Niagara River is Bird Island. A line can be seen running from Squaw Island to Bird Island with a label “Experiment Pier”. East of the river are two portions of land. The northern portion is labelled: “Lower Village of Black Rock owned by Individuals” and the southern portion is labelled: “Upper Village of Black Rock owned by the State of N. York.” Another waterway is shown running east from the river at Squaw Island and is labelled: “Scoy-d hu-quad-ies Cr.” and there is a canal on the main land adjacent to the northern tip of the island extending north. Relief is shown by hachures. Handwritten text at the bottom of the map reads: “Taken from State Papers P.6. 1829.”
    • Map of part of the Niagara River and place of the proposed harbour at Black Rock

      Historical map showing ferry crossings, pier, canals, Fort Erie, US side indicates upper and lower village of Black Rock. Geographic coverage from Lake Erie to Squaw Island. Digital reproduction of map (7 1/4 x 12 in.) in National Map Collection. Library and Archives Canada. Georeferenced and modified from NMC Map number 3173 by Map, Data & GIS Library, Brock University.