• Sketch of Kingston and Frederick Point

      Gother Mann, 1747-1830. (1789?)
      Historic map / sketch showing the city of Kingston, Frederick Point and surrounding waterways and islands. North is oriented to the top. Kingston is shown at west. Text within the Kingston land mass reads: “The coloured part of this Sketch shows the ground to be Surveyed Two hundred feet to an inch.” East of Kingston is the Cataraqui Harbor (present day Kingston Harbour) and Frederick Point. At the northern portion of Frederick Point, text reads: “Ground for Building Lots”. Haldimand Cove (present day Navy Bay) is shown east of Frederick Point and West of Point Henry. East of Point Henry is Hamilton Cove. East of Hamilton Cove are two islands labelled: “I. au Cedar” and “Petite I. au Cedar”. Depth soundings are shown in both Cataraqui Harbour and the mouth of Haldimand Cove. An arrow with text: “Magnetic North” is at the right side of the map. “12” is on a label in the bottom right margin.