• Plan of Burlington Heights

      Philip John Bainbrigge, 1817-1881; J. Radenhurst; Lewis Burwell, 1794-1865; Henry Lizars; Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle, 1791-1847; S. P.(Samuel Proundfoot) Hurd, b. 1793 (Toronto, On. : Surveyor General's Office,, 1835)
      Historic map showing Burlington Heights including the Desjardins Canal and Burlington Bay. North is oriented to the top right. Military batteries and barracks are shown at the north and south of Burlington Heights. Also at north is a grave yard. Desjardins Canal runs east to west around Burlington Heights. The area west of Burlington Heights is labelled Coots’ Paradise. East of Burlington Heights is Burlington Bay. Roads to Dundas and Toronto are shown. The northernmost portion of the plan has a textual notation: “This bank and edge of the water are only sketched”. At the top of the plan are two separate, lengthy copy notations. Relief is shown by shading.