• Welland Canal from actual Survey

      F.P. Rubidge; N.H. Baird; H.H. Killaly (1837)
      Historic map showing the First and Second Welland Canal from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario at Port Dalhousie along with proposed changes to the course. North is oriented to the right at Lake Ontario. The map has been broken down into sections. The “Section First” is noted as; “comprising from Lake Ontario, to the Village of Thorold, & c., Distance, Nine Miles and Sixty one Chains, admeasurement.” A notation indicates that proposed improvements and deviations are shown in red tinting. Canal locks, lift elevations, swing bridges, tow paths, basins and dams are indicated. Cities and towns are marked along the canal as are some buildings and mills. Various notations are made on the map including the state of repair of each lock. Relief and the Niagara Escarpment is shown with shading.