• [A plan of the front concessions of the townships along the Niagara River]

      E.Y.W. Henderson (1844)
      Historic map showing the Niagara River including concessions along the river. North is oriented to the right at Lake Ontario. Fort Mississauga, the Town of Niagara (present day Niagara-on-the-Lake), Fort George and the Niagara Reserve can be seen on the Canadian side of the river at the mouth of Lake Ontario. Fort Niagara is shown on the American side. Townships shown along the river include: Bertie, Willoughby, Stamford and Niagara. The towns are divided into concessions and labelled numerically. Fort Erie Reserve is shown at south where the Niagara River meets Lake Erie. Snake Island, Grand Island, Goat Island and Navy Island are also shown. Some granted land is labelled and a small number of buildings are shown and labelled with either the name of the owner or the buildings function.