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    • Plan of the cut at mouth of River Welland / By Geo. Keefer Jnr Asst Engineer. St. Catharines 4th March 1829

      Keefer, George, 1773-1858 (St. Catharines, On., 1829., 1829)
      Historic map showing the mouth of the Welland River at Chippawa and the surrounding lands. North is oriented to the top. Soundings are shown within the waterway. The Old Battery, Old Fort, Stone House, Jas. Cummings Esq. house, and military ground are indicated. The bridge (current and previous), roadways, and “the cut” are shown. The Niagara River is shown running from south-east to north-west. An inset cross section of the canal (Welland River) is shown at a scale of 20 feet to 1 inch. Relief is shown by shading. NMC-5236. Digital reproduction of: 1 map ; 30 x 30 cm. In Library and Archives Canada. Described in: Mapping Upper Canada, 1780-1867 / Joan Winerals. 1991. Reference no.: 742.