• Plan of a Fort proposed to be erected at Mississaugue Pt

      Gustavus Nicolls; J.B. Duberger, Jr. (Quebec, 1816)
      Historic map showing the Town of Newark (present day Niagara-on-the-Lake) at the mouth of the Niagara River at Lake Ontario. North is oriented to the bottom right. The focus of this plan are the military Forts at three different locations, specifically the plan of a for at Mississaugue Point. On the Canadian side of the river at the mouth of the lake is a plan for the proposed fort. The fort includes buildings which are labelled alphabetically. Below the title is a reference lists which outlines details of each building. This plan is quite similar to NMC-17884, however this particular plan includes the following notation regarding Fort Mississaugue: “Memorandum. The site of the Fort as shewn in this Plan is different from that marked on the ground in the Autumn of 1815, it having been placed further back from the Lake & the Tower brought into the center of the flat Bastion.” Further south Fort George is shown. A trench is shown extending from Fort George north and ending at a church. Text within the trench reads: “American Entrenchments thrown up in 1813.” Shown between the two forts, on the bank of the river are lots for merchants, shops and yards as well as engineer’s quarters. On the American side of the river, Fort Niagara is shown with buildings labelled alphabetically. A description titled: “State of Fort Niagara in February 1815” provides further details about each building. The map also indicates soundings for the Niagara River and Lake Ontario. At the right side of the map is a section titled: Section through ABCD.” Relief is shown in shading. A notation on the soundings is as follows: “The Soundings and Bar of Niagara are Copied from a plan surveyed and drawn by Mr. Chillingworth Master of H. M. S. St. Lawrence 1815.” Plan bears the stamp of the Office of Commanding Royal Engineer’s Canada.