• Plan of part of the Town of Niagara shewing the lots in the vicinity of the Market Place belonging to the Government

      George Phillpotts (1819)
      Historic plan showing 26 town blocks in Niagara, divided into lots, some of which are numbered. The plan is oriented with north to the bottom. Below the title is a list of lots noted as: “List of Lots laid out near market square shewing the annual rent paid for each to the Magistrates". Further text describes the plan: “The Block comprised in Lots 65, 66, 103 & 104 was originally granted to Mr. W.D. Smith, formerly Surveyor General of this Province. It was purchased from him for the site of a Govt. house. Since 1815 the part shaded yellow has been granted to the Magistrates. The part shaded Red still belongs to Govt. And for one half of this, the sum of £80 H.C. has been offered, as shewn by the Blue Lines.” The following streets are present on the plan: Gage Street, Johnson Street, Queen Street, Prideau Street, and King’s Street. In the north-west the plan shows a “Reserve near Missuagua (sic)”. A waterway is shown with a single line cutting through the land, but it is not labeled. Noted on the plan is that information was taken from Land Petitions B2 no 92 1842. The plan is signed by its authors.
    • Plan of the Attack made upon Fort Erie (Upper Canada) by the Right Division of the British Army, under the command of Lt. Genl. Drummond in August and Septr. 1814.

      G. Nicolls; George Phillpotts (1815)
      Historic plan showing a portion of land in Fort Erie, bordered in the south by Lake Erie and east by the Niagara River. North is oriented to the bottom. At the south of the map Fort Erie is shown along with military lines/entrenchments and roads. Toward the north is an area of cleared land labelled: “The encampment of the British Army.” North of the encampment is another portion of cleared land labelled: “The Park of Artillery". The large majority of the map is forested. Two lines are shown in the Niagara River running from the river to a military location labelled: “No. 1 Battn.”. The southern-most line reads: “from Battery between Black-Rock and Buffaloe about 1500 yards.” and the line that is north of that reads: “from Black-Rock Battery. about 1700 yards.” Number 2 and Number 3 Battalions are shown south of the number one battalion. Plan is signed by the authors. Relief shown by shading and hachures.
    • Town of Niagara

      George Phillpotts (1817)
      Historical map showing lot boundaries and numbers, as well as land that is labelled; "reserve for works" at Mississauga Point. The map is oriented with north the bottom right, as indicated by an arrow. At the southern side of the lots is the Town of Niagara. To the east is a Military Reserve and to the north is Lake Ontario. At the west side of the land mass there is a water inlet labeled “1 mile pond”. A waterway is shown cutting through the lots leading east toward military reserve land. Text at the bottom right of the map reads: "Copy, York U.C. May 3rd 1817, copied from a plan in the Surveyor Genls Office Sigd Geo. Phillpotts Lt R.E." In the bottom left corner: “C.S. 114”.