• War Medals

      ca 1914
      A frame containing: The Military Cross and 2 bars (lower left hand side), the 1914-1915 star (2nd from left), British War Medal (3rd from left), Victory Medal (4th from left) and the French Croix de Guerre with Palm (right hand side). Smaller versions of these medals are below. There are 4 2nd Battalion East Ontario buttons of 2 varying sizes. The band at the top is made up of all the different ribbons from the awards sewn together. The 2 flowers at the end represent the 2 bars and the palm is the same as the Croix de Guerre Palm, n.d.
    • Photograph - Julia Cleveland Woodruff with Margaret Elizabeth Band Taylor

      A photograph of Julia Cleveland Woodruff with her granddaughter Margaret Elizabeth Band Talylor
    • Photograph - Margaret Julia Woodruff

      A photograph of Margaret Julia Woodruff as a young girl in a white dress.
    • Margaret Woodruff’s Needle Book for Sewing

      Margaret Woodruff’s needle book for sewing. This is a miniature needle book complete with needles, pins and scissors. It is an 8 cm. x 7 cm. cloth covered booklet with a tiny flowers pinned to the front cover. Margaret Woodruff is written inside the back cover, n.d.
    • Mahogany walking cane with staghorn handle

      Mahogany walking cane with staghorn handle. The cane is 85 cm. long and has a gold metal collar and gold metal ferrule at the tip of the handle. The bottom of the cane has a steel ferrule. Within the staghorn handle, the letters WKC are inlaid with silver. This cane belonged to William Knapp Cleveland. The inlaid C is missing and the back of the staghorn handle is chipped, n.d.
    • Framed family coat of arms

      Framed family coat of arms – The side with the eagles and a chevron containing 3 cinquefoils represents the Irish Shaw clan [Thomas Shaw – father of Jessie Shaw Band was from Wexford, Ireland]. The other side which has ermine spots between 3 crosses patty fitchy seems to be an armorial crest. The motto associated with this shield is Honor Post Funera Vivit [Honour triumphs over death]. Blue stands for truth and loyalty. The lion’s paw on the crest is holding a cross patty fitchy, n.d.
    • Letter from Margaret Woodruff to her Grandfather [W.K. Cleveland]

      Woodruff, Margaret (n.d.)
      A letter from Margaret Woodruff to her Grandfather. In the letter she discusses playing baseball in the park and her dog called Eddy.
    • Photograph - 48th Highlanders

      James, W. (n.d.)
      A photograph by W. James Photographer, 250 Major St., Toronto of the 48th Highlanders.
    • Newspaper Clipping - World War I

      Newspaper clipping discusses the honour "invested by the King of two bars to his cross" to Captain P.C. Band.
    • Letter accompanied by Sketches

      A brief note addressed "Dear Marg" discusses sketches by D. Hoyt. The noted is accompanied by the unknown author's own sketches of mice.
    • Photograph - Percy Carruthers Band and Margaret Julia Woodruff Band

      A photograph of Percy Carruthers Band and Margaret Julia Woodruff Band.
    • Photograph - Jesse Shaw Band

      A black and white photograph of Jesse Shaw Band.
    • Photograph - Percy Carruthers Band and Charles Walter Band

      A photograph of Percy Carruthers Band and Charles W. Band by Underwood & Underwood Photography.
    • Photograph - Charles Walter Band

      The London Stereoscopic Company (n.d.)
      A portrait photograph of Charles W. Band by the London Stereoscopic Company Photographers.