• Photograph - Officers of C Company 3rd Battalion

      A photograph of "Officers of C Company 3rd BTN C.E.F. July 1 1918". The men are listed as: Edward Thairs, Lt. H. Neelson, Lt. Henderson, Capt. Crawfrod D.S.O. The reverse of the photo states "Edward Thairs father was in charge of the Ridley Cadet Corps". There is also another handwritten note that mentions two other officers in hospital.
    • Photograph - Battle of Amiens

      Photograph with the caption "Battle of Amiens Captured by No 3 Company 2 Canadian Inf Battalion at Rouvroy Aug 9th 1918."
    • Letter Percy Band to his Father

      Band, Percy (1918-08-15)
      A letter from Percy Band to his father with three 2 Mark German notes. The letter reads: "My dear Father hard at it once again, so very little time for letter writing Am enclosing, some money which I got from the odd old fritz Love to all your son Perc". There are three separate 2 Mark German notes. Two of the bills have handwritten notes that read, "Captured Aug 9th 1918 PCB." and "Captured August 9th 1918 PC Band".
    • Army Orders

      Army Orders list by General Sir H.S. Rawlinson, Bart. G.C.V.O., K.C.B., K.C.M.G., Commanding Fourth Army. The list includes Captian P.C. Band, M.C., Canadian Infantry under the list for Bar to the Military Cross.
    • Letter from Percy Band to his Father

      Band, Percy (1918-11-19)
      A letter from Percy Band to his Father, discussing his time back in Belgium. He is staying in a farm house and describes the "civilian population" as "more than kind, in fact would give you all they have got, if you would let them."
    • Letter Percy Band to Margaret Woodruff

      Band, Percy (1918-11-20)
      Letter from Percy Band in Belgium to Margaret Woodruff. The letter begins "My dear Marg, Great time, with so much talk of peace in the air."
    • Operation Order No. 3 SECRET

      Operation Order No. 3 issued by R. Vanderwater December 3, 1918. The order is listed in seven points: Information, Intention, Vanguard, Main Guard, Halts, Reports, Acknowledge. The information portion reads "The 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade Group are continuing the advance on the 4th inst. The independent cavalry are in advance." The second point, Intention, states "To cover advance of 1st Can.Inf.Bde.Group to a general line East of BULLINGEN."
    • Letter to Charles Band from Colonel McLaughlin

      McLaughlin, Colonel (1919-02-15)
      A letter to Charles Band from Colonel McLaughlin. It reads "My Dear Mr. Band, I must thank you for the Greetings and Good Wishes from Mrs Band and yourself. I was very pleased to receive your letter and appreciate it very much. It has been a pleasure and a satisfaction to have an officer under my command like your son Percy, of whom, needless to say you must be very proud. His work in the Battalion from the time he joined has been most satisfactory and of a very high standard. he has always shown initiative and sound judgement, is cool under fire...". The letter also mentions the "'bar' to his M.C." that Percy was awarded.
    • Canadian Expeditionary Force Certificate of Service

      Canadian Expeditionary Force Certificate of Service for Captain Percy Carruthers Band, M.C. and Two Bars, Croix De Guerre. It states that he enlisted in The 35th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force on January 9, 1915 and served in Canada, England and France with the 35th Battn., 23 Battn., 2nd Battn., District Depot #3. until April 25, 1919. There is a list at the bottom of the certificate that states he was wounded twice and awarded four times.
    • Margaret Woodruff Band’s Gold Wedding Ring and Locket

      Margaret Woodruff Band’s gold wedding ring engraved with M.J. W. P.C.B. Nov. 25/19. This is inside a sterling silver locket which is engraved with M.J.W. Inside the locket there is also a lock of hair, 1919.
    • 14 K. Gold Cigarette Case

      14 K. gold cigarette case which was a gift to Percy from Margaret. It is engraved M.J.W. to P.C.B. Nov. 25 – 1919 on the inside and the initials P.C.B. are on the outside, [this is inside a suede pouch, 1919.
    • Presentation of Colours, St. Paul's Church

      A service was held at St. Paul’s Church in Bowmanville, Ontario for the Receiving and Depositing the Colours of the 2nd Canadian Battalion, East Ontario Regiment, Canadian Expeditionary Force. The colours were the gift of Mr. Charles Band. Included in this file are: the program for the event (2 copies), the speech that was given by Colonel L.T. McLaughlin, a brief history of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion, a letter to Charles Band from Col. McLaughlin thanking him for presenting the colours to the battalion.
    • Photograph - Band and Mabee Families

      A photograph of the P.C. Band and Mabee Family c.1925 in Oakville, Ontario. The reverse of the photograph lists the names of the family members.
    • Indenture between Hamilton Killaly Woodruff and the United States Trust Fund Company of New York

      Indenture between Hamilton Killaly Woodruff and the United States Trust Fund Company of New York to set up a trust fund for his daughter, Margaret Julia Woodruff, May 5, 1927.
    • Photograph - Woodruff Island

      A photograph of a cottage on an island, the caption reads "Woodruff Island".
    • Photograph - Military Veterans Marching

      A photograph of military veterans marching in St. Catharines. The reverse of the photo has a caption that reads "Captain P.C. Band MC. 2 bars 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion C.E.F. Taken at St. Catharines c1940 immediately behind uniformed officer.
    • Photograph - Margaret Elizabeth Band Taylor

      Ballard of Eatons (1948)
      Bridal photo of Margaret Elizabeth Band Taylor taken by Ballard of Eatons, 1 b&w photo, 1948.
    • Photograph - Charles Shaw Band and Family

      A photograph of Charles Shaw Band and Helen Huntington Warren Band with family on their 34th wedding anniversary.
    • Captain Percy Carruthers Band - Military Cross and Two Bars, French Croix de Guerre with Palm

      Higgins, Douglas (1961)
      Booklet regarding Captain Percy Carruthers Band’s Military Cross and Two Bars and French Croix de Guerre with Palm. One of these booklets belonged to Margaret Elizabeth Woodruff Taylor. This one contains the most information including: identification of patches, 2 letters from Douglas Higgins, A Credo for Canadians, 4 notices from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Percy C. Band’s Record of Service and a summation of his service which was prepared in 1961, 2 felt patches, 3 col. photos. This booklet was put together by Douglas Higgins of Douglas Higgins Insurance. He was a personal friend of Percy Band and he asked Margaret J. Band if he could compile the booklet to give to each of Percy’s children, 1961.
    • The Band Family Tree

      Band, J.T.; Fischer, P. (2002)
      The Band Family Tree prepared by J.T. Band and P. Fischer.