Selection of trophies and other awards stored in the archives. Some of these items were gifts to the University from various sources, while others are trophies that were previously awarded to Brock students.

Recent Submissions

  • Gavel

    An ornamental wooden gavel with brass plate from the 1965-66 Brock University Student Assembly. The inscription on the gavel reads: Don Chapman, Brock University Student Assembly, Speaker of the House, 65-66.
  • Alumni Association Award

    Brock University Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • Vice Chancellor Trophy

    Trophy awarded for extra curicular and academic excellence. The trophy was first awarded to Ian Beddis by Dr. Gibson in 1967.
  • Guernsey Milk Can

    In 1969, Sir William Arnold, Bailiff of Guernsey - the birthplace of Sir Isaac Brock - was invited by Dr. Gibson to come to Canada and visit Brock University on the 200th anniversary of Sir Isaac Brock's birth. Following his visit in October of that year, the Bailiff presented Brock University with this miniature silver milk can. This milk can is of the traditional Guernsey style.
  • Arthur A. Schmon Memorial Trophy

    This trophy was awarded to the winners of the 'Great Debate' on whether or not university tuition should be free that took place on October 27, 1965 at Brock's Glenridge Campus Auditorium. The affirmative team comprising of Lawrence Winters, Sean Finley, and Gordon Williams were presented with the Arthur A. Schmon Memorial Trophy after successfully arguing that tuition should be free. The trophy was presented by Board of Governor's secretary-treasurer Edward Mitchelson.