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dc.contributor.authorAdams, Anne
dc.descriptionAccording to legend, the Burning Springs were discovered by early natives in the Niagara Peninsula. Bridgewater Mills was built on the site of the spring. During the excavation of the factory; workmen uncovered the spring. Samuel Street and Thomas Clark recognized the potential of this as a tourist attraction so they built a wooden shelter over the spring. The spring was covered with a barrel with a pipe protruding from it. This became the first tourist attraction at Niagara. The Cave of the Winds was a cavern located behind the Bridal Veil Fall. It was originally named the Aeolus Cave. In 1920, a sudden rock fall from the ceiling killed 3 tourists. The cave was destroyed in 1955 as it was deemed dangerous. The captain of the Maid of the Mist was usually a farmer who owned the land where the ship docked. In 1846, the first steam powered Maid of the Mist was launched. By 1848, the first suspension bridge was built over the gorge and the main purpose of the Maid of the Mist was no longer to carry people who needed to travel, but now the focus was on people who wanted to view the Falls at close range. Source:
dc.description.abstractCollection of handbills regarding Niagara Falls from both Canada and the United Statesen_US
dc.subjectNiagara Falls, Ontario -- Niagara Falls, N.Y. -- Whirlpool Rapids Park -- Burning Springs -- Clark Hill Islands -- General Scott Tower -- Cave of the Winds -- Maid of the Misten_US
dc.titleNiagara Falls Handbill Collection, 1838-1886, n.d. (non-inclusive)en_US

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