The Research Reports Repository is a platform to provide faculty, graduate students and members of the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre with the opportunity to share research reports with the broader environmental community, and with researchers who have an interest in environmental sustainability. Visit for more information about ESRC.

The aims of the Research Reports Repository are:
  • to provide a venue to inform and share results of research in a popular science format;
  • to highlight the variety of endeavours and expertise of Brock's ESRC; and,
  • to engage the community, students and other researchers.

Recent Submissions

  • Resilience in a Watershed Governance Context: A Primer

    Krievins, Katrina; Baird, Julia; Plummer, Ryan; Brandes, Oliver; Curry, Allen; Imhof, Jack; Mitchell, Simon; Moore, Michele-Lee; Gerger Swartling, Åsa (2015-10)
    Watersheds are complex systems involving social, economic, and ecological dimensions that are constantly interacting and influencing each other, and governance of these systems involve a large and diverse cast of actors that add to the complexity and difficulty in deciding what is best for the watershed and people. Resilience thinking offers a way to understand and navigate the uncertainty, dynamics and complexity of watershed governance. This primer describes key ideas associated with resilience: more inclusive participation; building a shared understanding; inclusion of ecosystem services and functions in long-term planning; strong leadership; institutional and decision making flexibility; and, a decentralized system. This primer is an initial effort to translate the scholarly understanding of these key ideas and initiate a dialogue about their application in the context of watershed governance.