Alexander Somerville was a soldier, a journalist and an author. He was born in 1811 in Scotland and died in 1885 in Toronto. By 1860 Somerville, now a widower, was living in Canada West, arriving in Hamilton in 1862. In Hamilton he would continue to write and became the editor for the Canadian illustrated news. In 1866 he reported on the Fenian raids in Niagara, later publishing a book on the subject. His participation as a journalist during the Fenian raids led him to publish and have printed this pamphlet about Colonel Alfred Booker.

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  • Case of Colonel Booker. The Court of Inquiry

    Somerville, Alexander (186?)
    A four sided pamphlet written by Alexander Somerville, and printed by Lawson & Co., Hamilton, Ont. The list of contents for the article reads: "Evidence Suppressed, Newspapers Silenced, Statement of Captain McGrath, General Manager of the Welland Railway, as to Colonel Booker's apparent mental aberration, on June 3rd, at 4 A.M. Squire Larne's statement. Other evidence."