• Club Roma MVP Trophy

      Professor McNeil presents Ken Lamb with The Club Roma Trophy in 1978.
    • Cupolo's Sporting Goods Trophy

      Coach Les Korchok presents Walt Szpilewski, the men's basketball Badgers' most valuable player, with the Cupolo's Sporting Goods Trophy.
    • The Ed Davis Award to Dave Burt

      Dave Burt receiving the Ed Davis Award for Most Valuable Player on one occasion out of the three times he did.
    • Ed Davis Award to Glen Craig

      Ed Davis, former hockey coach, with Glen Craig, recipient of the Ed Davis Award for being the team's most valuable player.
    • Maria Lirio

      circa 1982
      Two time winner of the Female Tennis Player of the Year, in 1982-1983 and 1983-1984.
    • O'Keefe Trophy

      Kathy Richardson in one of the three times she won the O'Keefe Trophy for Outstanding Female Athletic Achievement.
    • Patricia Lowenberger Memorial Trophy

      The Patricia Lowenberger Memorial Trophy was dedicated to recognizing the Male Athlete of the Year in honour of Dr. Lowenberger's wife. Suspected to be a photo of Ken Murray from the 1975 Athletic Awards Ceremony.