Brock University has a history of excellence in athletics. Here are photo depicting the athletes, who are responsible for creating that high standard, being honoured.

Recent Submissions

  • The Ed Davis Award to Dave Burt 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Dave Burt receiving the Ed Davis Award for Most Valuable Player on one occasion out of the three times he did.
  • O'Keefe Trophy 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Kathy Richardson in one of the three times she won the O'Keefe Trophy for Outstanding Female Athletic Achievement.
  • 1978 Award Winners 

    Unknown author (1978)
    The athletic award recipients of 1978.
  • Club Roma MVP Trophy 

    Unknown author (1978)
    Professor McNeil presents Ken Lamb with The Club Roma Trophy in 1978.
  • Award Ceremony 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A male athlete receiving an award.
  • Ed Davis Award to Glen Craig 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Ed Davis, former hockey coach, with Glen Craig, recipient of the Ed Davis Award for being the team's most valuable player.
  • Cupolo's Sporting Goods Trophy 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Coach Les Korchok presents Walt Szpilewski, the men's basketball Badgers' most valuable player, with the Cupolo's Sporting Goods Trophy.
  • Maria Lirio 

    Unknown author (circa 1982)
    Two time winner of the Female Tennis Player of the Year, in 1982-1983 and 1983-1984.
  • Athletics Award Banquet 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Athletic award recipients behind a table filled with their awards.
  • Patricia Lowenberger Memorial Trophy 

    Unknown author (1975)
    The Patricia Lowenberger Memorial Trophy was dedicated to recognizing the Male Athlete of the Year in honour of Dr. Lowenberger's wife. Suspected to be a photo of Ken Murray from the 1975 Athletic Awards Ceremony.
  • Athletes with their Trophies 

    Unknown author (1978-03-23)
    Dave Burt, Ken Murray, Anna Lathrop, Jim Nelligan standing with their newly presented trophies on March 23 1978. Dave Burt was co-recipient of the Patricia Lowenberger Memorial Trophy for outstanding male athletic achievement ...

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