Item is a personal diary kept by Winnie M. Beam in 1900 and part of 1901 on a printed diary, the "Canadian scribbling diary, 1900" issued by Brown Bros., Toronto. Title page is inscribed "W.M. Beam, Jan. 4th, 1900" and "Winnie Beam, 28 Oct/00". Entries throughout the diary focus on social and household activities such as music lessons, shopping, visiting, church and Sunday School. Many St. Catharines families and businesses are mentioned in the entries.

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  • Diary of Winnie Beam

    Beam, Winnie M. (1900)
    The diary was written when Beam was nineteen years old. Her father, Charles O. Beam, was a dentist with an office on Queen Street in St. Catharines. Winnie Beam lived with her father and mother, Emma, on Ontario Street, St. Catharines.