• Meeting 1 July 1881

      The meeting notes include an audit for "year ending June 30th, 1880, thence to May, 25th, 1881". There is also an "auditor's report" by Richard Tew and P. Corridi which states: "To the President and shareholders of the Ontario Grape Growing and Wine Manufacturing Company, Barnsdale, Ont. Gentlemen, We the undersigned have much pleasure in informing you that we have completed our audit of the Company's Books for the year ending June 30th, 1880, thence to May 24th, 1881, and can testify to their correctness. In future we would recommend that the Books be made up to May 24th in each year, five weeks previous to the Annual meeting being held, and that the Day Book kept by the manager be submitted to the Secretary monthly, together with all vouchers, so that the transactions can be duly recorded in the Company's Books. We beg to congratulate the shareholders on the satisfactory exhibit of the Company's affairs, as shown by the annexed Balance Sheet. We are Gentlemen, yours respectfully." This is the first audit included in the book.
    • Meeting Minutes July 7th, 1972

      The first "business arising out of the minutes" is a protest made by Mr. W.R. Barnes concerning action taken at a previous meeting by the Directors. In the meeting in February, he had been replaced as Vice-President after 20 years in the role and 38 years as a Director. His record of attendance was called into question and would be discussed and shown at the next meeting. The second issue discussed is the "proposal with respect to purchasing the assets of the Corporation". A letter was received from F.L. Laundry Real Estate Limited with interest from a Central European client in "acquiring the assets of the Corporation, and indicating that if the circumstances warranted, a figure of 3.5 millions would not be beyond their capabilities". The offer would be explored by the solicitor. The next agenda item discusses was the Sault Ste. Marie store. Another issue discussed was the "Withdrawal from Valley Rouge Wines Limited".
    • Meeting Minutes September 11, 1972

      The meeting begins with an amendment to a banking by-law from February 1966. The amendment would allow Miss D.M. Harwood to sign cheques. The list of business is as follows: Valley Rouge Wines Limited Final Release, G & A Holdings Incorporated offer to purchase 40 Acres, F.L. Laundry Real Estate, Purchase of Shares of Bessy Barnes Barkley Gay, Date of Annual Meeting, Retirement of Miss Goffin, Salary of Vice-President and Managing Director, Term Insurance on Vice-President and General Manager, Appointment of Vice-President, Negotiation with Dr. Peller.
    • President's Report to the Directors, Year 1963

      Woodbridge, J. (1964-02-10)
      The report reads: "The Company's sales in 1963 showed a decline of 5.6% in gallons and 6% in value. In spite of this, the net profit is $119, 706.03; down 3.8% from 1962. Increased competition from heavy advertising campaigns by the larger companies and a substantial upward trend in the sales of imported wines are the two main factors for our reduction in sales. Sales through all retail wine stores in Ontario are declining due to the large number of Liquor Control Board of Ontario Stores which have been opened in the past year. The 1963 vintage was very successful amounting to over 500,000 gallons raising our total inventory to well over a million gallons for the first time in history. By holding our overhead down and keeping the quality of our products at a high level, we hope to show a better profit in 1964.
    • Report of Directors to the Shareholders, 1966

      Woodbridge, John M. (1966-02-10)
      A report of the Directors to the shareholders, it reads "The year 1965 showed a continued trend of decrease in sales. The opening of new wineries in Moose Jaw, Calgary, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick has resulted in a change in wine marketing across Canada and are contributing factors. The Company's sales both retail and wholesale have continued to drop in Ontario, notwithstanding the advertising program undertaken by the Company. This decline is a matter of great concern to the Directors of the Company. Our new package introduced in the late fall of 1965 is now available across Canada which should improve our sales picture during the present year. Net profit is down $19, 000 from 1964, due to increases in the cost of raw materials and supplies and to reduced sales." The directors listed are: John M. Woodbridge, William R. Barnes, A.H. Kidder, P.G.D. Armour, H.M. Pawling, Miss Florence A. Goffin, William D. McLean.
    • Report of Directors to the Shareholders, 1970

      Woodbridge, John M. (1971-02-09)
      The report reads: "The year 1970 saw many significant changes in our Company. Sales were higher than in any previous year showing an increase in gallons of 8.8% and in dollar volume of 9.7%. The new offices and warehouse are fully operational, the fermenters installed prior to vintage assisted in holding our labour costs to a reasonable level, and the use of liquid sugar proved very successful. We added two representatives to our sales staff during the year and direct contact with our customers will be intensified. Product development is continuing and the addition of new lines and better distribution will be receiving priority. Our venture in the product supply for Valley Rouge Wines of Manitoba will, we trust, increase our sales volume and assist in lowering our fixed overhead. Capital expenses in 1971 will continue at a high level. Our co-operation with the various Government departments in respect to pollution, will obligate our Company to install facilities to satisfy the strict requirements in this regard. Preparations must be made now to handle bulk harvested grapes, the addition of storage and fermenting capacity and the replacement of production equipment, will be under constant review, thus enabling us to maintain production and efficiency. With the continued dedicated service of our personnel and the support of all our Shareholders, we are confident the challenge will be met in 1971."