• Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 87

      The By-Law reads: "Being a By-Law to fix the remunerations and expense allowances of a director. Be it a and it is hereby enacted as a By-Law of the Company as follows: By-Law No. 87 that By-Law No. 82 be and it is hereby repealed."
    • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 88

      By-Law no. 88 reads: "Being a By-Law relating to the qualifications of Directors of the Company. Be it and it is hereby enacted as a By-Law of the Company as follows: By-Law No. 88 Section 4 of By-Law No. 75, as amended by By-Law No. 84, is hereby repealed." It was enacted January 7th, 1974 and confirmed in the shareholders meeting on April 18th, 1974.
    • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 89

      The summary of the law states "A special By-Law decreasing the number of directors of the Corporation".
    • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 90

      The By-Law summary states it is "a by-law relating generally to the transaction of the business and affairs of Barnes Wines, Limited". The sub headings of the bill are as follows: Head Office, Corporate Seal, Meetings of Shareholders, Directors, Officers, Notices, Interpretation.
    • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 91

      The summary states "a by-law respecting the borrowing of money, the issuing of securities and the securing of liabilities of Barnes Wines, Limited".
    • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 92

      The By-Law reads "being a by-law increasing the number of directors of the Corporation be it enacted and it is hereby enacted as a special by-law of Barnes Wines, Limited (hereinafter called the "Corporation") as follows: 1. The number of directors of the Corporation be and the same is hereby increased from five to six so that the Board of Directors of the Corporation shall hereafter be composed of six directors. 2. The quorum for meetings of directors be and the same is hereby fixed at three. 3. All prior by-laws and resolutions of the Corporation inconsistent herewith be and the same are hereby amended, modified and revised in order to give effect to this special by-law."
    • Barnes Wines, Limited By-Law No. 93

      The By-Law beings "being a by-law authorizing borrowing and pledging by the Company".
    • Barnes Wines, Limited, Shares Certificate, 1934

      Evans, John; Goffin, Florence (1934-05-03)
      A shares certificate issued to The National Trust Company for two hundred shares.
    • Barnes Wines, Limited, Shares Certificate, 1957

      Evans, G.; Goffin, Florence (1951-08-14)
      Share certificate No. BP001, registered to Mrs. Bessie A. Barnes Barkley. The certificate has several shares transactions listed. The final number of shares redeemed on April 11th, 1957 is 316.
    • Barnes Wines, Limited, Special Resolution No.1

      The note at the start of the resolution reads: "A special resolution to authorize an application for supplementary letters patent varying the authorized capital of the company by re-classifying and changing certain shares and increasing the capital of the company by the creation of additional preference shares".
    • By-Law no. 12

      Reid, John G. (1880-05-05)
      A by-law begins: "It was then moved by R.S. Kinner and Seconded by George Barnes that by Law No. 12 be read. Whereas by Identure bearing date thirteenth day of August A.D. 1873 made between one George Barnes of the first part thereof and Andrew S. Kinner and Charles Robert Murray of the second part thereof which said Identure was duly registered in the Registry Office for Lands for the said County of Lincoln on the 14th day of August A.D. 1880 in Book 4 for the Township of Louth as No. 1534 the said George Barnes granted and conveyed the Lands and premises therein described to the said Andrew S. Kinner and Charles Robert Murray and their heirs and assigns as joint tenants and not as tenants as common upon the trusts and for the purposes therein expressed. And Whereas the said Andrew S. Kinner died on about the 13th day of June 1877 A.D. without having made any appointment under the provisions of the said in part recited Identure.."
    • By-Law No. 21

      A by-law that reads in part, "Be it therefore enacted by the Ontario Grape Growing & Wines Manufacturing Company Limited, that the said George Plunkett Magann is hereby directed and required to convey premises, namely all and singular that certain parcel or track of land situate lying and being in the Township of Grantham and Louth in the County of Lincoln, containing by the same more or less being composed of parts of lots numbered twenty-one and twenty-three in the third and fourth follows, that is to say etc. etc. Adopted and passed this second day of September A.D. 1901."
    • By-Law No. 56

      Evans, John (1934-02-05)
      The by-law reads: "Be it enacted as a By-Law of the Ontario Grape Growing & Wine Manufacturing Company Limited that the Directors be and they are hereby authorized to make application to the lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Ontario, for issuance of Supplementary letters Patent providing for, 1) Changing the name of the said Company to Barnes Wines, Limited. 2) The Management of the affairs of the Company by a Board of 7 Directors. 3) Re-dividing the Capitol Stock of the Company from 60 shares of par value of $500.00 each, to 6000 shares of par value of $5.00 each. Passed this 5th day of February A.D. 1934."
    • By-Laws No. 1 through 11

      Barnes, George (1873-07-05)
      The by-laws are signed by George Barnes and include the first two which state the name of the company is the Ontario Grape Growing and Wine Manufacturing Company and the second by-law states that the place of business is at Barnesdale, St. Catharines, Ontario.
    • Change of Name, 1988

      Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations (1988-10-31)
      A document with an article of amendment to change the present name of Barnes Wines, Limited to 3273 Ontario Limited.
    • Directors Meeting November 28, 1896 and By-Law No. 14 & 15

      Barnes, George; Evans, J. (1896-11-28)
      The meeting included an election of officers which resulted as follows: John Reid, President; Geo Barnes, Vice President; Geo. Barnes, Man-Director; J. Evans, Secretary. There are also two more by-laws (14 and 15) signed by both G. Barnes and J. Evans.
    • Letters Patent Incorporating The Ontario Grape Growing and Wine Manufacturing Company

      Ussher, John (1873-06-09)
      The patent incorporates the Ontario Grape Growing and Wine Manufacturing Company for the purpose "for the manufacture of wine within the province of Ontario" and is recorded as no. 85 on June 9, 1873.
    • Meeting 1 July 1881

      The meeting notes include an audit for "year ending June 30th, 1880, thence to May, 25th, 1881". There is also an "auditor's report" by Richard Tew and P. Corridi which states: "To the President and shareholders of the Ontario Grape Growing and Wine Manufacturing Company, Barnsdale, Ont. Gentlemen, We the undersigned have much pleasure in informing you that we have completed our audit of the Company's Books for the year ending June 30th, 1880, thence to May 24th, 1881, and can testify to their correctness. In future we would recommend that the Books be made up to May 24th in each year, five weeks previous to the Annual meeting being held, and that the Day Book kept by the manager be submitted to the Secretary monthly, together with all vouchers, so that the transactions can be duly recorded in the Company's Books. We beg to congratulate the shareholders on the satisfactory exhibit of the Company's affairs, as shown by the annexed Balance Sheet. We are Gentlemen, yours respectfully." This is the first audit included in the book.
    • Meeting Minutes July 7th, 1972

      The first "business arising out of the minutes" is a protest made by Mr. W.R. Barnes concerning action taken at a previous meeting by the Directors. In the meeting in February, he had been replaced as Vice-President after 20 years in the role and 38 years as a Director. His record of attendance was called into question and would be discussed and shown at the next meeting. The second issue discussed is the "proposal with respect to purchasing the assets of the Corporation". A letter was received from F.L. Laundry Real Estate Limited with interest from a Central European client in "acquiring the assets of the Corporation, and indicating that if the circumstances warranted, a figure of 3.5 millions would not be beyond their capabilities". The offer would be explored by the solicitor. The next agenda item discusses was the Sault Ste. Marie store. Another issue discussed was the "Withdrawal from Valley Rouge Wines Limited".
    • Meeting Minutes September 11, 1972

      The meeting begins with an amendment to a banking by-law from February 1966. The amendment would allow Miss D.M. Harwood to sign cheques. The list of business is as follows: Valley Rouge Wines Limited Final Release, G & A Holdings Incorporated offer to purchase 40 Acres, F.L. Laundry Real Estate, Purchase of Shares of Bessy Barnes Barkley Gay, Date of Annual Meeting, Retirement of Miss Goffin, Salary of Vice-President and Managing Director, Term Insurance on Vice-President and General Manager, Appointment of Vice-President, Negotiation with Dr. Peller.