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  • Good Management Practice for Animal Handling and Stunning 

    Grandin, Temple (American Meat Institute Foundation, 1900)
    On the front cover is a handwritten note that reads "original guidelines I used when the McDonalds audits were started in 1999".
  • Chute Losses Aren't Accidents! Most Injuries can be Avoided. Here's How to Rate the Performance of Your Chute and Crew 

    Grandin, Temple (1974-01)
    The conclusion of the article reads "good handling during processing and re-implanting could mean the difference between a going operation and financial disaster. But it's up to you to make certain your crew understands ...
  • Stairway to Heaven 

    Grandin, Temple (1976-01)
    The article follows two 4-H members as they take their cattle to the chute for slaughter after learning and compiling an "informational exhibit demonstrating the importance of cattle in modern life".
  • Pointers on Design and Operation of Cattle Restrainer Systems 

    Grandin, Temple (The National Provisioner, 1976-10-30)
    The article discusses the importance of design and the people who run handling systems.
  • Dipping is Easy...With Right Vat Design 

    Grandin, Temple (1978)
    The article discusses dipping vats and three basic types of dipping systems: Jump in Vat, Hydraulic Cage Vat, and the Box Sprayer.
  • Designing Meat Packing Plant Handling Facilities for Cattle and Hogs 

    Grandin, Temple (1979)
    The focus is on design, more specifically, "animal handling facilities which are labor saving and reduce bruise losses". The article studies: Unloading Chutes, Stockyard Design, Hog Plant Stockyard, General Purpose Small ...
  • Livestock Behavior as Related to Handling Facilities Design 

    Grandin, Temple (1980)
    This article is from the International Journal for the Study of Animal Problems, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1980. The article focuses on the "behavior of different species of livestock as well as different breeds" to aid with the ...
  • Selected Articles from Beef Cattle Science Handbook Volume 19 

    Grandin, Temple; Baker, Frank H. (ed.) (A Winrock International Project Published by Westview Press, 1983)
    The articles within the handbook are: "Livestock Psychology and Handling-Facility Design", "Design of Corrals, Squeeze Chutes, and Dip Vats", "Handling Feedlot Cattle", and "Reducing Transportation Stresses".
  • Serpentine Cattle Chute Gives Handling Advantages 

    Grandin, Temple (1984)
    The article discusses the efficiency of a curved chute as opposed to a straight chute when leading cattle into a conveyor restrainer. The article was published in The National Provisioner in 1984.
  • Reduce Stress of Handling to Improve Productivity of Livestock 

    Grandin, Temple (1984-06)
    The article focuses on stress factors, which include: Genetic Background, Individual Differences, Past Experiences. The conclusion of the article states "reducing handling stress of animals will improve their weight gain, ...
  • Livestock Handling Needs Improvement 

    Grandin, Temple (1985-08)
    The article discusses problems with the handling of livestock and the conclusion of the article states "rough handling of livestock is not only inhumane, but can cause excessive losses due to sickness and slower growth...careful ...
  • Livestock Handling Guide 

    Grandin, Temple (Livestock Conservation Institute, 1988)
    The contents of the pamphlet include: Handling Stress, Understanding Animal Psychology, Handling Facility Design Tips, Bruise Losses By Species, Preventing Bruises, Loading Chute Recommendations.
  • Teaching Tips from a Recovered Autistic 

    Grandin, Temple (1988-04)
    An article by Grandin sharing tips for teaching and working with autistic children. The focus is on: Structured Environment, Learning to Talk, Rhythm, Sensory Problems, Reducing Arousal, Tactile Stimulation, Fixations, ...
  • Calmer – Because They’re Carried 

    Grandin, Temple (1989)
    The article discusses a "new 'V-conveyor restrainer system' keeps cattle calmer at point of slaughter". The paper was published in BEEF, October 1989.
  • Effect of Naltrexone on Relaxation Induced by Flank Pressure in Pigs 

    Grandin, Temple; Dodman, Nicholas; Shuster, Louis (1989)
    The study injected ten pigs with Naltrexone and ten pigs a saline injection to study the effects on relaxation. In the end, the study discovered that "treatment had no effect on the final degree of relaxation", but "pressure ...
  • Needs of High Functioning Teenagers and Adults with Autism (Tips from a Recovered Autistic) 

    Grandin, Temple (1990-04)
    Some of the topics discussed in the article include: Direct Fixations, Gradual Introduction to a Career, Talent and Deficit Areas, Thinking in Pictures, Reading and Language, Social Problems, Recognize Need for Change, ...
  • Double Rail Restrainer for Handling Beef Cattle 

    Grandin, Temple (1991)
    The summary of the article reads "A new double rail conveyor restrainer for handling cattle at the slaughter plant is described. It has improved safety and ergonomics compared to the V restrainer conveyor it replaces. ...
  • Biotechnology and Animal Welfare 

    Grandin, Temple (1991)
    The articles discusses "processes which require the manipulation of genetic material to produce a substance which is administered to a farm animal or manipulation of the animal's own genetic material". The last section ...
  • Boar Presence Reduces Fighting in Mixed Slaughter-Weight Pigs 

    Grandin, Temple (1992)
    The article studies the presence of boars in reducing fighting in the groups of pigs therefore reducing skin blemishes.
  • The Reluctance of Cattle to Change a Learned Choice May Confound Preference Tests 

    Grandin, Temple; Odde, K.G.; Schutz, D.N.; Behrns, L.M. (1994)
    The conclusion of the article states "it appears that previously learned choices may affect future choices in Y-mazes for cattle. Another area that needs to be researched is the effects of a mildly aversive treatment ...