• Glass stereo card - Wide view of Terrapin Tower from Canadian side

      McPherson, J. (n.d.)
      A glass stereo card with a wide view of Terrapin Tower from the Canadian side of the Falls. The photographer is J. McPherson, Niagara Falls.
    • The Rapids, Niagara

      The description of the image reads "No. 115 - The Rapids, Niagara - From the Terrapin Tower". On the reverse it reads "The Rapids, Niagara, From the Terrapin Tower (taken instantaneously). From this commanding point of view the rapids are seen to great perfection - the Tower standing just on the edge of the Horse-shoe Fall. Some idea of the rapidity with which these waters hurry onward to the mighty abyss may be formed from the fact that the river descends nearly fifty-one feet in a distance of three-quarters of a mile. Gathering force as they approach nearer the edge of the Falls, they dash and foam amid the rocks which speck their surface, and with torturous writhes dash onward with a fury grand and beautiful in the extreme. Whole flocks of water-fowl have often been seen going to destruction among these rapids. Pleased with being carried by the stream, they have indulged in the pleasure till the rapidity of the current has rendered it impossible for them to rise and thus have they been carried down and washed over the Fall. At one time during the months of September and October, sufficient quantities of dead water-fowl have been found every morning below the Fall to afford ample subsistence for the garrison at the fort. The bodies of bears, deer, and other animals have also been found."
    • Terrapin Tower

      Barnum Photoghaper (n.d.)
      The image shows the wooden bridge and Terrapin Tower.
    • Terrapin Tower, Niagara Falls

      The card reads "638 Terrapin Tower, Niagara Falls". The image shows a small group of people at the base of the tower.