• Notice of Location of Grave - Wailly Orchard Cemetery

      Director of Graves (n.d.)
      Two notices from the Director of Graves Registration and Enquiries, London, England noting the location of the grave as Wailly Orchard Cemetery near Arras. One of the certificates incorrectly notes the name as S.G. Woodruff while the other correctly has S. D. Woodruff. The number listed for Lieut. S. D. Woodruff's grave site photograph is CCM/9/4433.
    • Photograph - Wooden Cross Lieut. S.D. Woodruff

      Photograph of the wooden cross which was erected at Wailly Orchard Cemetery. It is inscribed "RIP in Memory of Lieut. S.D. Woodruff 116th Cdn. Inf. Bn. Killed in Action 14-7-18".