• British War Medal

      This British War Medal was issued to those who had to leave their native shore in any part of the British Empire while they were on service. This is a silver circular medal, 3 1/2 cm in diameter. King George V is depicted on the front and St. George is on the back. This is accompanied by a watered silk ribbon which has a central band of gold and stripes of white, black and blue on both sides. "Lieut S. D. Woodruff" is engraved on the rim. This was issued 1914-1918.
    • Victory Medal

      Victory Medal (Inter-Allied War Medal) which was awarded to all ranks of fighting forces. This is a circular, copper medal, lacquered bronze. It measures 3 1/2 cm in diameter and has a picture of Victory on the front. Her left arm is extended and in her right hand she holds a palm branch. The reverse shows the words "The Great War for Civilisation 1914-1919" surrounded by a wreath. This is accompanied by a watered ribbon consisting of 9 coloured stripes. "Lieut. S.D. Woodruff" is engraved on the rim. This engraving was only done for the first issue in 1914-1919.