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  • Karen McAllister 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Karen McAllister was the Head Coach of Women's Volleyball from 1983-1991 and Campus Recreation Director.
  • Girls Volleyball Team 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    Pictured here from left to right: Back Row - Mike Rohatynski (Coach?), Ivi Ernesaks, Maureen Halpenny, Helen, Henderson, Pat Hueston (Coach). Front Row - Enid Salisbury, Jane Hemphell, Beth Gayman. Missing - Pat Johnson, ...
  • Women's Volleyball Team (1972-73) 

    Unknown author (1972-73)
    Back Row: Marsia Antolak (Manager), Marcia Liddycoat, Wendy Krasovev, Violette Lavigne, Elanie Keith, Jean Nairn, Kathy Kirkpatrickm Pat Hueston (Coach) Front Row: Beth Craig, Lee Bartley, Judt Trowbridge, Jeanie Dulewicz, ...
  • Men's Volleyball Team (1981-82) 

    Unknown author (1981-82)
    From left to right: H. T. Lillies (Coach), Rudolph Ambacher, Bill Hadfield, Michel Thibodeau, Bill Haines, Larry Plummer, Bill Smale, and Kelvin Oda (Manager). Absent: Gordon McNeice, Tom Dagg, Hong Wey Kang, Darrel ...
  • Women's Volleyball Team (1981-82) 

    Unknown author (1981-82)
    Back Row: Maura Purdon (Coach), Kelly Grantham, Liz Jansen, Diane Thiesen, Louise Argenta, Rhonda, Oatman, Kelly Fahlenbock (Asst. Coach) Middle Row: Kaaren Quartermain, Sherri Crossman, Sue Crowley, Kin Zamecnik Front ...
  • Brock Volleyball Block 

    Unknown author (1978)
    Suspected to be a photo of a 1978 Men's Volleyball practice.
  • Brock vs McMaster (1989) 

    Unknown author (1989)
    Pictured here are Ken Thorup (#5) and Chris Hayes (#9). #14 is unknown. Brock won 15/13, 14/16, 15/13, 4/15, 15/12.
  • Set and Spike 

    Unknown author (1978)
    Brock Men's Volleyball makes a play in this 1978 match.
  • Bumping 

    Unknown author (1977-03)
    Brock Women's Volleyball in a March 1977 match. Pictured here are Nancy Barclay (#7), Linda Gause (#14), Gail Cort (#1), and Gladys Zymelka (#2).
  • Into the Net 

    Unknown author (1978)
    Brock Women's Volleyball in a 1978 match. Pictured here are Marcia Upper (#7) and Kelly Fahlenblock (#2). The two others remain unknown.
  • Spiking Back 

    Unknown author (1977)
    Brock Women's Volleyball in a 1977 match.
  • The Attack 

    Unknown author (circa 1988)
    A Brock player hits the ball over in this match suspected to be from 87/88 or 88/89.

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