• 1982 Swim Team

      The Brock Swim Team on August 19, 1982. Present from left to right are: Wendy Good, Kathy Richardson, Katharine Coy, David Shemilt, Tammy Balkwill, Maggie Bird and Susi Garay.
    • 400 metre Freestyle

      Pictured here is Brock swimmer David Shemilt at the start of the men's 400 metre freestyle on February 20, 1983. Shemilt would go on to win the event.
    • David Shemilt Diving

      Brock's David Shemilt dives into the pool in June of 1984. Other swimmers are in and around the pool.
    • David Shemilt in Dive Position

      Pictured here is Brock swimmer, and Olympian, David Shemilt on June 7, 1984. He is at the side of the pool in a diving position.
    • Brock University Swim Club

      13 year old Bini Gras just finishing her 200m fly in 1985.
    • Honouring Robert Welch

      circa 1981
      Alan Earp, president of Brock at the time, presents Robert Welch with a swim cap and Speedo of his own. (1981?)
    • Starting a Race

      circa 1981
      Alan Earp and Doug Geddie stand watching on as Robert Welch starts a swim race. (1981?). Against the wall is a board with several universities listed.
    • Front Stroke

      Bini Gras competing in a race. She is mid stroke in the pool wearing a Brock University swim cap.