• List of Voters for the Town of St. Catharines, 1874

      Journal Steam Print, 1874
      A paperback "List of Voters for the Town of St. Catharines, 1874" by Journal Steam Print. Richard Woodruff is listed as an owner on St. Paul Street in St. Thomas' Ward (p.8) and Samuel D. Woodruff is also listed as an owner in St. Thomas' Ward (p.8). Richard Woodruff is listed as an owner in St. George's War (p.16). There is an extra front cover included which is badly wrinkled and stained. There is a handwritten list within the back of the book which tallies the number of people in each ward.
    • The Long Point Company Yearbook 1966

      This book marks the one hundredth anniversary of the formation of the Long Point Company. There are penciled initials R.A.L. [Robert A. Laidlaw], Jan. 12th, 1967 within the front cover. See the full text of this item in the Brock University Special Collections and Archives.
    • The Monastery

      Scott, Sir Walter (1907)
      The Monastery by Sir Walter Scott, was prsented to margaret Woodruff for proficiency in tennis singles, June 17th, 1913. The book is bound in a leather cover which is embossed with the St. Margaret's College, Toronto insignia. A full text version is available at the following link: https://ia800300.us.archive.org/34/items/themonastery06406gut/mnsry10.txt
    • The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

      This book was presented by the Canadian Bible Society (British & Foreign Bible Society) to the Canadian Soldiers in the war of 1914. There is an inscription which reads "Niagara-on-the-Lake, August 15th 1915 Presented to the 35th overseas Battalion Draft. P.C. Band to his father before his departure for the front". The word "confirmed" is written below this but the rest of the page is torn out. There is also a book plate that reads "Presented by the Canadian Bible Society (British & Foreign Bible Society) to the Canadian Soldiers in the War of 1914. 'Be strong and of a Good Courage'". See the full text in the Brock University Special Collections and Archives.
    • Ontario Game and Fishery Laws 1916

      Minister of Public Works (1916)
      A paperback booklet of the Ontario Game and Fishery Laws 1916. The booklet is 91 pages in length and includes an index. See the full text in the Brock University Special Collections and Archives.
    • Palmer's Pocket Scale with Rules for its Use in Solving Arithmetical and Geometrical Problems

      Palmer, Aaron (1845)
      The book is signed by S.D. Woodruff. A label the book indicates that it was also owned by "Band, of De Vere Gardens in Toronto".
    • Rollin's History Volumes 1-7

      Rollin, Charles (Hartford, Connecticut: Andrus & Judd, 1833., 1833)
      A seven volume set of books that cover the history of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Grecians and Macedonians. Each of the volumes state that they are translated from the original French. The first volume begins with a memoir of the other Charles Rollin. The first volume also contains a note addressed to Mr.William Woodruff, thanking hime for the loan of the first 4 volumes and asking if he can loan the other volumes. The note is singed by Fred Goring in July of 1838. All volumes are stamped "The property of William Woodruff, St. Davids, Niagara" or "The property of William Woodruff, Niagara". See the full text of volumes 1-7 in the Brock University Special Collections and Archives.
    • Rules and Regulations of the St. Catharines Club

      The booklet is a printed set of rules and regulations for the St. Catharines Club. It is pocket size and has several blank pages in the back. The blank pages have handwritten names including H.K. Woodruff. Also included in the booklet are lists of past officers. R. Woodruff is listed as president in 1883, and H.K. Woodruff is listed as a committee member in 1885 and 1886.
    • St. George's Parish Church, St. Catharines. Jubilee Celebration and Historic and Centenary Review

      Ker, Rev. Robert (1891)
      Inside the front cover H.K. Woodruff has signed the book and there is a label with the name , Mrs. Percy C. Band of Toronto, Ontario. The book contains some images and also has a list of matrimonial records from the St. Marks Church Register.
    • Wing Shooting

      The book is by "Chipmunk", but the author is actually William Woodruff and illustrated by Henry Beech. The inside front cover is signed by Hamilton K. Woodruff, St. Catharines. There are also some handwritten notes penciled in by S.D. Woodruff from October 1878.
    • A Woodruff Genealogy: Twelve Generations from The Colony of Connecticut in New England and The Province of Upper Canada 1636-1959

      Woodruff, Norris Counsell (1959)
      A Woodruff family genealogy in ten chapters. The chapters are titled: The Five New England Generations, Ezekiel's Seven Children, The Upper Canada Descendants, In Retrospect, Niagara (Newark), St. Davids, The War of 1812-1814, Some More Recent Portraits, Sources and References, Appendix. The first page of the book is inscribed "Best Wishes to Margaret and Percy from Norris", Oct. 5, 1959.
    • The Woodruffs of New Jersey

      Woodruff, Francis Eben (1909)
      A book written by Francis Eben Woodruff about the Woodruff family in New Jersey. The inside cover is signed by H.K. Woodruff.