• The Birthday Scripture Text Book

      The Birthday Scripture Text book was published by the Book Society, Bristol. This book is signed by Jane Woodruff, St. Catharines, Ontario, 1872. There is also a label in the book which reads "Suite 1208 Chicago Savings Bank Building State and Madison Streets, Chicago". The book measures 10.5cm x 7cm and has a leather cover with metal trim. The clasp is no longer on the book. Some of the pages are stained and all of the pages are falling out. Many of the pages have handwritten birthday, births and death notices. The full text is available in the Brock University Special Collections and Archives.
    • The Book of Common Prayer Canada

      Toronto: Cambridge at the University Press., n.d.
      The book of Common Prayer Canada is bound in soft leather. This book contains 2 book plates from St. George's Church, St. Catharines. The first one says that Margaret Julia Band was confirmed April 17, 1935 and had her first communion April 21, 1935. The second one says that Percy Caruthers Band was confirmed April 8, 1936 and received first communion April 12, 1936. There is also an inscription which reads "To Margaret from her mother, April the 21st, 1935, St. Catharines. The full text is available in the Brock University Special Collections and Archives.
    • An Epic Poem, The Norton House

      A poem by J.W. Keating, Poet Laureate of the Norton House, C. Sherwood Book and Job Printer, St. Catharines, March 3, 1886. There is a note on the front page which says "see page 11". There is a section of the poem which is marked. The poem first mentions Annie Conolly, who studied at Loretto in Niagara, then mentions Annie Wallace [this name is underlined], "who here did once sojourn with Nanna and Leslie".
    • List of Voters for the Town of St. Catharines, 1874

      Journal Steam Print, 1874
      A paperback "List of Voters for the Town of St. Catharines, 1874" by Journal Steam Print. Richard Woodruff is listed as an owner on St. Paul Street in St. Thomas' Ward (p.8) and Samuel D. Woodruff is also listed as an owner in St. Thomas' Ward (p.8). Richard Woodruff is listed as an owner in St. George's War (p.16). There is an extra front cover included which is badly wrinkled and stained. There is a handwritten list within the back of the book which tallies the number of people in each ward.
    • Rules and Regulations of the St. Catharines Club

      The booklet is a printed set of rules and regulations for the St. Catharines Club. It is pocket size and has several blank pages in the back. The blank pages have handwritten names including H.K. Woodruff. Also included in the booklet are lists of past officers. R. Woodruff is listed as president in 1883, and H.K. Woodruff is listed as a committee member in 1885 and 1886.
    • St. George's Parish Church, St. Catharines. Jubilee Celebration and Historic and Centenary Review

      Ker, Rev. Robert (1891)
      Inside the front cover H.K. Woodruff has signed the book and there is a label with the name , Mrs. Percy C. Band of Toronto, Ontario. The book contains some images and also has a list of matrimonial records from the St. Marks Church Register.