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  • Trying to Score a Goal 

    Unknown author (1980-81)
    The 1980/1981 soccer season. Pictured here are Joel Walton (#4) and Tony Carboni (#13).
  • On the Offesive 

    Unknown author (circa 1980)
    The Brock soccer team plays a game from the 79/80 or 80/81 season.
  • Brock vs Western (1982) 

    Unknown author (1982)
    The Brock soccer team tries to get the ball around the Western goalie. Pictured here are Roger Vanoosteven to the left and Joe D'Annunzio to the right.
  • Men's Soccer Team (1981-82) 

    Unknown author (1981-82)
    Back Row: John MacNeil (Coach), John MacNail Jr, John Murray, Joel Walton, Frank Cipriano, Benny Grossi, Rino Berardi, Louis Famelos, Doug Rowan, Ron Di Felice Front Row: Ivan Hunt, Roger Vanoostveen, Dave Gibson, Joe ...
  • Women's Soccer Team Guarding the Ball 

    Unknown author (circa 1987)
    A Brock player protects the ball as a Laurier player attempts to take the ball. Suspected to be a photo of the early October 1987 Brock at Waterloo against Laurier's Lady Hawks.
  • Brock Player Jumps Over Goalie 

    Unknown author (1981)
    Jim Baldassaro leaping over the opposing goalie in a 1981 game.
  • Rainy Day Match 

    Unknown author (n.d.)
    A soccer match played in the pouring rain.

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