Recent Submissions

  • Brock vs Guelph (2001)

    Kyle McCabe keeps running with two Guelph Gryphons attached during a match on September 26th. The match was held at Brock University.
  • Men's Rugby (1981-82)

    Back Row: J.B. Owens, Ross Smith (Head Coach), Adam Frost, Derrick Harwood, Dave DeRose, Bill Arniel, Danny Mazor, Alan Ross, Randy McKeller, Pete McDougall, Ray D'Archi, Kelvin Oda, Mark Pelletier, Eric Thompson, Marty Houston, Ken White (Asst. Coach) Front Row: Peter Love, Chris Peskett, Duff Porteous, Bart Ward, Dave Sohmer, Gary Gautier, Ken Murray, Dave Tamowski, Steve Shaughnessy, Jeff Wood Absent: Alfred Esmaily, Luc Gignac, Fred Kovacs, Andrew Norman
  • McMaster Player Tackles Brock Player

    A McMaster player tackles a Brock player at a game hosted by Brock University on September 20th, 1980.
  • Player Injured During Practice

    circa 1980
    A field medic attends the injuries of a player during practice in the early 80s.
  • Brock vs RMC

    The game was hosted by RMC on Saturday, October 18th, 1980.
  • Brock vs Toronto (1981)

    Game was played at Scarborough College.
  • 1970-71 Rugby Team

    Back Row: ?, John Stokes, Jim Brandford, Geoff Cudmore, Mike Nictota, Dave Iogna, Mike Cocca, Mike Taylor Front Row: ?, Rob Kelly, Alun Huges, Dave Underhill, Ken White, Joe ?, Mike ?, Jim Robinson
  • Post Scrum

    The opposing team has the ball.