• Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff's Pewter Hunting Flask

      This is a 16 cm x 8 cm 19th century pewter flask which has 3 pieces including the flask, the screw-on cap and a cover/drinking cup. There is a W inscribed within the cap. This is well-worn and dented.
    • Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff's Pewter Match Box

      This pewter hinged flip-top box is 9 cm x 7 cm and has a 2 cm depth. It contains lit and unlit matches. It is worn and slightly dented.
    • Silver Jubilee Hinged Tin from Cadbury

      A box commemorating King George V's silver jubilee in 1935.
    • Silver Pocket Knife

      A silver pocket knife with the initials W.K.C. [William Knapp Cleveland]. The knife measures 15 cm in length when opened and 8 1/2 cm in length when closed. There is no silver mark on the knife, but the word "coin" is printed on the blade.
    • Tin box "Waldmeister zur Bowle, Woodruff"

      Tin box with the title “Waldmeister zur Bowle, Woodruff” on it, 10 cm x 16 cm. The box is from Julius Schade and Co., German Army and Navy Contractors, Leipzig-Lindenau, Germany. This box contains dried woodruff leaves. Accompanying this box of woodruff is a handwritten recipe for woodruff brew, n.d.