• Ivory Victorian Day Planner

      The planner has an ivory cover and 6 celluloid pages which fan out. The days of the week were stamped on each page, except Sunday. In this case, the days of the week are faded away and someone has rewritten them and included Sunday on the back cover. The front cover has a metal escutcheon engraved with the letter C and it closes with a metal latch. The front ivory cover is cracked down the middle and the front page is also cracked. R. Band has written on the “Monday” page that this belonged to Dr. Cleveland, this note is dated June 6, 2004. The “Tuesday” page has the title “Julia’s house” and gives the numbers of doors, lights, windows and water closets etc. within the house. On the back of the “Friday” page is the number 4784 and on the back of the Saturday page is the name and address of Dr. Mafarlan [?] of Pennsylvania.