Recent Submissions

  • McGill Bronze Medallion

    Bronze medallion measuring 4cm. in diameter. This has Universitas Collegii McGill Monte Regio inscribed on the front along with a coat of arms underneath the words Medicinae Facultas. On the back it says: Prize for ophthalmology and oto-laryncology in memory of Samuel DeVeaux Woodruff [Thomas A. Woodruff graduated from McGill University. His specialty was ophthalmology].
  • Canadian National Exhibition Button

    Canadian National Exhibition button attached to a ribbon which says "C.N.E. 1914 cadets".
  • Hockey Patch

    Hockey patch which belonged to Margaret Woodruff. On the front of the patch is "VII '13". On the back, in ink, it says "1st Ice Hockey Team 1913, P. Ramsbottom, captain; M. Clark, L. Wing; M. Woodruff, R. Wing; H. Webster, C. Point; F. Butchant, Pt.; B. Clinkskill, Goal. M. Woodruff".
  • Niagara United Empire Loyalists Ribbon

    Niagara U.E. [United Empire] Loyalists ribbon marked 1784-1884. The ribbon has pictures of a crown and a beaver on it. The ribbon is slightly faded.
  • Niagara Races Ribbon

    Ribbon from Niagara Races. This race was held on October 8, 9, 10 and 12 of 1861. The stewards of the race are listed and they include the Mayor of St. Catharines James G. Currie. The ribbon is stained at the top. This does not affect the writing on the ribbon, 1861.