• ATO Fraternity Pin

      An ATO fraternity pin which belonged to P.C. Band
    • Daughters of the Empire Pin

      A jewelry case which is a souvenir of the opening of the Royal York Hotel, June 1929. The case is faux leather with a velveteen lining. Inside the case is a pin for the Daughers' of the Empire. The pin belonged to Margaret Julia Woodruff (Band). "Margaret Woodruff" is scratched onto the back of the pin. She joined the group in 1909.
    • Girl Guides Pin

      A Canadian Girl Guides pin presented to H.K. Woodruff to commemorate his presentation of a house to the Girl Guides of St. Catharines.
    • Navy League Pin

      A "Navy League, Keep Watch" pin with a screw-on backing.
    • OZO Fraternity Pin

      OZO fraternity pin of H.K. Woodruff, University of Toronto. He was one of the founding members.
    • Red Cross Pin

      Life Member pin of the Red Cross Society
    • Ridley College Pin

      A Ridley College, St. Catharines pin which belonged to Chester Woolworth of the Woolworth Family.
    • Sorority Pin

      A sorority pin of Margaret Julia Woodruff (Band). It is diamond shaped and it has a pearl like border around the outside.
    • St. Margaret's College Pendant

      A St. Margaret's College, Canada pendant. "M. Woodruff, 1911" is engraved on the back.
    • St. Margaret's College Pin

      A St. Margaret's College pin. The college was located at, 144 Bloor St. East, Toronto.
    • "V" Fifth Form Pin

      "V" fifth form pin which belonged to Margaret Julia Woodruff at St. Margaret's School, Toronto.