• 1978 - 79 Varsity Women

      From left to right. Top: Ann Fenton, Tammy Biernacki, Heather White, Lisa Tiffney, Tony Biernacki (Coach), Betty Borda, Debbie Coughlin, Martha Robson, and Marie Herdan. Bottom: Nancy Tuffin.
    • 1978 - 79 Men's Coxed Four

      From left to right. Top: Pierre Nadeau, Dave Blanchard, Tony Biernacki (Coach), Kevin McLaughlin, Mike McDonald. Bottom: Andy Ness.
    • 1981-82 Rowing Award

      Sue Quait receiving the Oarswoman of the Year award from coach John Gleddie
    • Novice Women's Dash

      Brock novice women's crew pull their way to the finish line during their championship race on October 27, 1984 in the novice women's dash. This was Brock's first ever gold medal in women's rowing. Members of the crew from left (bow) to right (stroke) are: Lesley Esford, Tonia Smithers, Darlene Kelly, Amanda Abbott, Nancy Horne, Janis Dudman, Brenda Miller, Michelle Priester and coxie Julie McMenemy.
    • 2002 Brock Rowing Team

      The members of the 2002 Brock rowing team. There are two banners beside the team that read "CURC Canadian University Rowing Men's Champions 2002" and "OUA/SUO Champions Men's Rowing 2002".
    • Leaning Away

      The team leans to their right so pulling into the dock is easier.
    • Tony Biernacki

      Long time Brock University Rowing coach holding aloft his newly acquired Masters Single Trophy.
    • Early Ergometer

      A rower using an indoor ergometer.
    • Women's Eight Crew Pushing Off

      Women's eight rowing crew getting ready to push off from the dock.
    • Brock Sculler

      A close up of a Brock sculler out on the water.
    • Shell Christening

      Members of the Brock University Rowing Club and their new $3000 shell, named Cete, meaning a group of Badgers. Tony Biernacki is pictured here pouring pond water onto the shell in a mock christening.
    • Brock Rowing Coaches

      Pictured here from left to right are: Rowing Coordinator Dave Hendry, and coaches Bill Dyck, Ken Wakulich, and Mike Purcer.
    • Carrying the Boat to the Dock

      Lisa Tiffeny helps carry the boat to the dock.
    • Taking the Boat Out of the Water

      Several crew members have the boat lifted over their shoulders.
    • Starting a Race

      Several women's rowing crews are at the start of a race.
    • Uncorking the Bottle for Gibson boat Christening

      Before the boat named after James A. Gibson could be christened by Caroline Gibson, the bottle had to first be opened. There appear to have been some minor troubles with that aspect.